Boyfriend Birthday Celebration Ideas

Surprise Birthday Plan for your Boyfriend

We all have seen thousands of blogs on how to surprise your girlfriend on her birthday. But have you ever thought what is the ideal Surprise Birthday plan for your boyfriend? Most girlfriends spend on gifts, go out in some restaurant, have their perfect meal, and head home. How you ever thought what is your boyfriend’s idea of an ideal birthday?

Boyfriend’s Birthday Celebration on the Boat

Surprise Birthday Plan for your Boyfriend

Boat birthdays with sunset views having your favorite food and wine is just so dreamy. The budget for this date starts from a minimum of 4000 Rupees and a maximum of 6 members are allowed in this budget. You have to book your boat from the India Boat Website. Prices may vary due to the type of boat. The birthday decoration of balloons surrounded at the edge of the boat is complementary by the company. But, you have to carry your food and wine, as it is not provided by the company.

The Paint Ball GameSurprise Birthday Plan for your Boyfriend

Boyfriend Birthday

Relationships are not supposed to be perfect all the time. It’s not always 50-50 effort but 80-20 too. For such messy relationships, why not get messy too? The Paint Ball game! In this game, a maximum of six people is allowed. The prices range from 300-700. Headrush is one of the locations for the Paintball game in Powai, Mumbai.
They charge 300 for 25 paintballs and 700 for 100 paintballs. So what are you waiting for? Get dirty with paint stains, Kyuki Daag Achhe Hain!

Romantic Beach Date Birthday Celebration

Surprise Plan for Boyfriend

When I say beach dates means not the Juhu Beach surrounded by hundreds of people. You don’t have to be romantic saying, “Tujhe Aksa Beach Ghumau?” to your boyfriends  But visit the aloof beaches like the Gorai Beach in Mumbai. What do you imagine by beach birthday date? Your guy wearing a crisp white shirt and sorts with you in your perfect fit and flare floral dress, walking through the edge of the shores with cheap food. It’s like Love You Zindagi playing in the background. Too Cheesy? let us move to the other idea then!

Gift a Exciting Helicopter Ride to your Boyfriend on his Birthday

Surprise Plan for Boyfriend

“You’re the light, you’re the night…” singing in the background with this idea of Birthday Surprise. Fifty Shades of Grey was popularly known for its helicopter scene wherein Christian Grey plans for Anastasia Steele was one of the most romantic dates. Why not do this for your guy? Helicopter Rides are open in Mumbai! You can book from Thrillophilia or Book My Show Website. It’s the most costly birthday the the the surprise of 15 minutes covering spots like Essel World, Haji Ali, Worli Sea Link, Juhu Beach, etc. 1000 feet above the surface, is just like the best feeling for any boyfriend on his birthday. The ride is only for 15 minutes but it’s worth it, the departure begins from Juhu Airport Mumbai from 11 am-4 am. So, You Love the Ride? You Do!

Candlelight Dinner – Surprise Birthday Plan for your Boyfriend

Candle Light Dinner

Why this place specifically? Because this place is surrounded by ponds, with Cabana Decoration and boats-like structures between ponds to sit for lunch/ dinner. It is a Perfect-Picture Spot for Birthday’s. You need to book before visiting the place as many people plan their surprise dates, anniversary, birthdays, etc.  

Rooftop Birthday Celebration for Boyfriend

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If your boyfriend is one of the classy kind who likes everything perfect? What could be more perfect than Candlelight Dinner on Rooftop? With Balloon bouquets decorated along with flowers and fancy food. Some of the popular suggestions of Mumbai will be 90 feet above in Borivali, Sin City Rooftop in Andheri, and The Marine Upper Deck in Colaba. The love per Square Foot series was shot in The Marine Upper Deck cafe, so if you are looking for something fancy with a sea view, this is the place!

Schedule a Spa-day on your Boyfriend’s Birthday

Ideas for Boyfriends Birthday

For the working boyfriends with 12 hours of work every day complaining about his weakening body and back pain. For such working couples birthdays are just like any other day, having dinner but just in some luxury restaurant and head home. What do they need? A stress release! Spa Day on Birthdays could be one of the best birthday gifts you can ever give your boyfriend.

Standup Comedy – Surprise Birthday Plan for your Boyfriend

Surprise plan for Boyfriends Birthday

Who is your boyfriend’s favorite comedian? Is it Kenny Sebastian or Abhishek Upmanyu? Check his Instagram following! You will find out his favorite comedian. But for this to work you have to check tickets one month prior at least you will find that one comedian having his/her show in Mumbai during your boyfriend’s birthday month. This would be more like a surprise birthday gift for your boyfriend to Live, Laugh, and Love!

Drive-in Cinema as a Surprise Birthday plan for your Boyfriend

Surprise Plan for Boyfriend's Birthday

The Drive-in Cinema’s birthday idea is originated not from movies but books. 10 Blind Dates book by Ashley Elston talks about 10 blind dates of a girl wherein one of them was a Drive-in Cinema date. Having Pizza, headsets on, and in your comfortable car sets is just how much you don’t like the indoor cinemas and love to watch it open on big screens! Sunset Cinema Club Website organizes in Mumbai, Check their Website for more details!

Romantic Beachside Camping for Boyfriend’s Birthday Night

Camping on Boyfriends Birthday

One of the coziest birthday plan ever with small tents, warm blankets, marshmallows & bonfire, camp food, cold weather, starlights, and walking up with sunrise drinking tea is just how any romcom books will ever describe camping dates. 

Plan a Cozy and Private Birthday Surprise for Your Boyfriend

We are done with camping birthday ideas for winters now for summers, resort birthday works the best! The minimum budget for this will be around 2k per person but worth celebrating along with your friends, tan body, ice cream, fun rides, etc. You can also Plan some Beautiful Romantic Birthday room Decoration with light’s candles and Roses to make it more exotic.

Adventurous Bike Ride – Surprise Birthday Plan for your Boyfriend

Bike ride to Alibag being the nearest spot. You could go on long drives with him and his couple of friends, visit the nearest beaches and travel to different points. What do you mean by Bike Ride Birthdays? Frizzy hair, street food, visit beach, Dhaba food, etc.

So, this was all about the Surprise Birthday plan for your boyfriend. We talked about messy birthdays, cliché birthdays, birthdays according to weather, and what not! If there’s a shortage of time and you aren’t able to plan. You can contact us on 7450960060 or through our website for the finest Service and affordable prices.

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