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Simple and Easy Small Rangoli Designs with Visual Inspirations

Rangoli’s are our cultural heritage from small rangoli designs to Big Flower Rangoli we Indians love to celebrate our festivals with colorful rangoli design. In other words from Diwali to any auspicious occasions our festivals are incomplete without this beautiful rangoli design.

How to make Rangoli designs?

Making rangoli is not everyone’s cup of tea, it requires lots of patience and hard work along with great creative skills. In addition for making small rangoli design we will need colorful powders and google some beautiful rangoli designs simple and easy small and try it in your home or office. But, Before making the rangoli please make sure the surface is clean.

also make a checklist for the following items before proceeding with the rangoli design –

  • Colored Rangoli Powder 
  • Chalk
  • Fresh Flower Petals as per the Rangoli theme design
  • Kolam Powder
  • Fuller’s Earth

Small Rangoli designs for Home images

Small rangoli is preferred by everyone as its very easy to setup and also for our home we usually prefer small rangoli designs for home. Therefore, We are sharing some small simple rangoli design for home which you can definitely try for any festivals and occasions.

Small Rangoli design for Diwali

Diwali is the time when every girls becomes creative and we can see beautiful small rangoli design in front of everyone’s home which look very beautiful as well as give very festive vibes. For instance we have bought some beautiful ideas for small rangoli designs for Diwali at home.

Small Rangoli designs with dots

Rangoli design small dots are popular in south India. People in Kerala and Kollam likes to decorate their house with simple rangoli design with dots which is very eco friendly and can be done only with help of colorful chalks. rangoli design with small dots can be done on the occasion of Adoor Gajamela, Pongal, Machattu Mamangam and Traditional festivals.

Flower Rangoli design small

Flower rangoli is very popular now a days, as it’s very eco friendly and also very easy to clean. Floral rangoli design is made on Diwali and other religious festivals in India. Therefore some of the famous small flower rangoli designs are –

  • Floral krishna Decoration
  • Marigold flowing waves rangoli
  • Floral potpourri

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