1st Birthday Decoration ideas

If your child’s special day is approaching, it’s time to consider the kids’ 1st birthday decoration ideas! Your kid is turning One, and you want to celebrate! The only problem is you need some Theme Decoration ideas for party. We know how it can be hard to decide on a party theme that you and all your guests will enjoy. We know how difficult it can be having to prepare everything from thinking of different themes, planning the guest list, finding a venue Balloon decorations for kids, and more.

7Eventzz just know how much you love your baby, so we’ve curated some of the best, most creative birthday decoration ideas for 1st birthday that incorporate the perfect blend of being budget-friendly, simple, and incredibly affordable! The beauty of these ideas is that they work just as great for a baby, a toddler, or a young child. You can customize and personalize them as per your preference.

1) Jungle Safari Theme Birthday Decoration

The Jungle Theme Birthday Balloon Decoration is easy and works great for all ages. From the jungle greens created by the many child-friendly shades of green balloons to the various other foliage touches, the jungle stage is set for this safari party full of animal sweets, treats, and favors.

2) Princess Theme Decoration for Baby Girl

Who doesn’t love a princess party? This theme is very flexible, you can choose to do Disney princess or just princess in general. The perfect pink party of your daughter dreams! There is no better way to help your daughter live her dream than planning a princess birthday party for her! You can choose your favorite Disney princess character theme for your Daughter such as Snow White’, ‘Frozen’, ‘Cinderella’, ‘Rapunzel’ or a just a Royal Princess’. Book your Favorite Princess Theme Birthday Decoration from our website now.

3) Car Theme Birthday Decoration for Baby Boy

Have a little one at home who’s absolutely into cars? Car themed birthday party ideas are fun, easy to make or buy, and can include all types of races, cars, or brands for your child to pick from, so you know they will love it. There are so many different choices when it comes to a race car theme birthday Decoration. From Vintage to Fast and Furious to Modern Cars. The perfect theme for your child on their first Birthday. Who doesn’t love cars right?

4) Jumbo Theme 1st Birthday Decoration

Baby Elephants make an adorable party theme! The Elephant theme was chosen because of the movie Jumbo. A cute baby Elephants which is the known for strength and entertainment which kids love to watch. Jumbo theme has become so popular now a days because of movies every parents wants a jumbo theme on their kids first birthday party Decoration. This is amongst the most searched Kids theme decoration ideas.

5) Unicorn Theme Decoration ideas

Unicorn parties are some of the most magical events around. Unicorns are magical. They sparkle glitter, shine bright colors, and make the world seem a little more fantastical. It has established itself as the trendiest animal that there is. In fact, this enchanting creature has conquered the whole world. Your daughter has made it her spirit animal, so it is not surprising that the theme of her birthday party is unicorns. What can be more better than a Unicorn theme Birthday Decoration on your kids first Birthday?

6) Cocomelon Birthday Party theme

Cocomelon birthday theme Decoration is quite an interesting idea for party. Moreover, it will give some different kind of decoration ideas as well. Cocomelon is an American based YouTube channel for kids. It contains traditional style nursery rhymes. Also, they published their own children’s songs. Cocomelon specializes in 3D animated videos. Children along with their parents will surely love this new type of themed party. Cocomelon birthday theme is a lovely theme to enjoy. Colorful Balloons gives a very Joyful look.

7) Boss Baby Party

kids today are smart and now they don’t want anything simple. They want theme parties and animated movie character theme parties are the most popular these days. One such movie character is the Boss Baby.  Boss Baby, an infant with the mind of an adult, who works at Baby Corp. Almost every kid loves watching this entertaining movie. It isn’t surprising that Boss Baby has been one of the popular kids Birthday Party Themes. So, if your kid is also a Boss Baby fan, plan for them an amazing Boss Baby theme Birthday Decoration.

8) Rainbow Balloon theme for First Birthday

Rainbows bring so much joy! Especially given the circumstances this year, we can definitely use some good vibes in our lives!  A rainbow theme Birthday Balloon Decoration is probably one of the most straight forward themes when it comes to color palette since there are so many colors that you can work with! While keeping the colorful and cheery vibes. It’s very common theme decoration ideas for 1st Birthday Celebration as well as Half Birthday Decoration.

9) Baby Shark Theme Balloon Decoration

No one can escape the viral Baby Shark song that’s been blasted on YouTube, radio stations, and stadiums around the world since 2016. This catchy song features a family of sharks and their adventures in the sea. No one loves Baby Shark and the rest of the shark family more than little kids. The song can keep them singing and dancing for hours. Put all that excited energy to good use with a Baby Shark-theme birthday Decoration. With all their favorite characters featured on the party supplies, they’ll be ready to dive right into the birthday fun.

You don’t need the fanciest venue or the biggest budget to have the 1st best birthday ever of your child! To help you and your child choose, we’ve made a list of 1st Birthday theme Decorations for kids.

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