1st Birthday Cake Ideas

Adorable 1st Birthday Cake Ideas for Your Little One

Is your kid’s birthday around the corner? Is it the 1st birthday of your kid? Then, you must start thinking about the birthday cake ideas as soon as possible. The whole celebration is incomplete without the arrangement of cake. If you are puzzled about which cake to choose for your kid’s birthday and keep reading this article as we have great 1st birthday cake ideas for baby boy and girl

1st birthday Cake for Baby Boy

There are a number of unique ideas available for the 1st birthday cake for Boy. You can simply contact a cake decorator to find some awesome cake ideas for your baby boy’s birthday. 7eventzz.com is one of the best birthday event planners and they have an assorted range of birthday cakes. Have a look at the most popular cake design ideas-

1. Jungle Theme Cake

Is your boy a big fan of Tarzan? Or the personality of Simba has fascinated your child so much? Or is your kid obsessed with the Mowgli cartoon? Then, Jungle theme cake is the perfect idea for the 1st birthday cake for Boy. This cake looks super colorful and comes in a custom design. Some parents like to prepare a cake for their kids on their own. But when it comes to customized cake, it is better to leave the job to an expert cake decorator. You can simply order Jungle theme cake from 7eventzz.com without any hassle. Again, you can buy a Jungle theme cake without fondant layer if you want to keep it simple. If you think fondant icing is too chewy and easily gets melted, then a Jungle theme Decoration is the ideal choice to consider.

2. Cricket Theme Cake Ideas

Boys love the game of cricket and if your kid is one of them, then Cricket theme cake is a perfect choice. You can either go for a simple bat and ball design or graphic cake design where your kid’s favorite player’s image will be on the cake’s surface. Or you can simply order the cake from a professional cake decorator like 7eventzz.com. They have a great variety of Cricket theme cake options in different designs with the option for personalization.

3. Avengers Theme Cake Ideas

Another special birthday cake idea for a baby boy is the Avengers theme cake. The cakes with the design of Ironman’s mask or the face of the green Hulk give special joy to any avenger fan. You can also consider the designs of Captain America’s Shield, Thor’s hammer, or the logo of Avengers for the Avengers theme cake. In fact, you can also choose other avenger symbols like Infinity Gauntlet, Infinity Stones, Groot, and many more as the special design for the cake.

4. Football Theme Cake Ideas

If you are a kid who is a big fan of Football, then Football theme cake will be the ideal design for the birthday celebration. You can choose a variety of flavors like Chocolate, Strawberry, Pineapple, Vanilla, Butterscotch, and many more under the layer of football design. At 7eventzz.com, you can easily buy Football theme cake with the desired flavoring you like.

5. Car Theme Cake Ideas

There’s no denying the fact that every boy loves cars. A cake with a car design is one of the best cake ideas for boys. You can simply choose the best car model as the Car theme cake ideas. At 7eventzz.com, you can find a variety of designs and flavors in the Car theme cake options. In fact, you can choose the size as per your need by contacting a cake decorator.

6. Spiderman Theme Cake Ideas

Last but not least, another idea for your boy’s birthday cake is Spiderman theme cake. Spiderman is the evergreen superhero who is not only loved by today’s kids but also by adults as well. The cake with spiderman’s red spider mask is one of the best ideas for the Spiderman theme cake. An event decorator not only prepares the cake with the best detailing but also ensures that the cake tastes delicious offering ultimate delight to the taste buds as well.

1st Birthday Cake for Baby Girl

Now that we have discussed some of the best ideas for birthday cakes for boys, now we will look into some of the best ideas in 1st Birthday Cake for Girl. There are plenty of design options to be found in the market. 7eventzz.com is one of the best birthday cake decorators in the city and you can get the following designs at their online store-

1. Barbie Theme Cake Ideas

Every girl is obsessed with Barbie and they will be highly delighted if you arrange a Barbie theme cake for their birthday. You can choose a variety of designs, color combinations, and flavorings for the cake. It is one of the best ideas in the option of 1st Birthday Cake for Girl and 7eventzz.com has a great variety of Barbie theme cake items. Just go through their website and have a look at their collection.

2. Rainbow Theme Cake Ideas

If you are looking for some colorful cake ideas to match with vibrant birthday themes for girls, then Rainbow theme cake can be the perfect option for you! The cake will be decorated with the seven wonderful colors of the rainbow that will look super gorgeous. Apart from the beautiful design, the cake also tastes super delicious and comes in a variety of sizes. Order a Rainbow themed cake from 7eventzz.com today!

3. Frozen Theme Cake Ideas

The Prince Frozen is one of the best Disney characters and almost every girl loves her. Frozen theme cake is a beautiful design that comes in a gorgeous blue color. If your baby girl loves Disney princess movies and has a special love for Elsa, then you can finalize the design of the Frozen cake. Whether you are looking for a simple fondant cake or a specially designed figure of princess Elsa, 7eventzz.com has all the solutions to meet your needs.

4. BTS Themed Cake Ideas

If you have chosen the BTS army as one of the birthday themes for girls, then the cake should be designed accordingly. In this case, you should go for a BTS themed cake. Contact a professional cake decorator who will decorate the BTS themed cake beautifully without ruining the quality of taste.

5. Cocomelon Theme Cake Ideas

Cocomelon theme cake is one of the best cake designs to choose from for your girl’s birthday. The cake not only looks beautiful but tastes highly delectable. You can choose the melon flavor that is loved by both kids and adults. The Cocomelon theme cake for Birthday comes with a summery vibe and is perfect for any colorful birthday decoration.

6. Princess Theme Cake Ideas

No matter what your daughter, every girl has a special admiration for Disney Princesses. Choosing the Princess theme cake for your own princes is the best thing to do. In conclusion you can choose popular princess figures such as Cinderella, Elsa, Aurora, Snow White, Jasmine, Mulan, and many more for the decoration of Princess theme cake.

Wrapping Up

So, hopefully, our ideas for the 1st birthday cake for Boy as well as the 1st Birthday Cake for Girl have helped you in getting some options for the birthday celebration of your child. No matter what design you finally choose for your kid, always consider buying the cake from a reliable Cake decorator. If the aesthetics of the custom cake is ruined, your kid will be upset. So, go through the cake collection of 7eventzz.com or simply order a customized cake by specifying your needs.

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