House warming Ceremony decoration ideas

House Warming Ceremony Decoration at Home

House warming party decoration is one of the most important things to have in mind when planning your party. You want to make sure that the house warming decorations you choose are not only beautiful but also appropriate for the occasion. The most important thing when decorating the house is making sure that it looks inviting and cozy

House Warming Ceremony Decoration at Home

You can use any type of housewarming decoration items you like, as long as they are appropriate and you can afford them. For example, if you live in a small apartment, then it’s probably best to go with simple table cloths and napkins rather than expensive table linens that will only add to the expense of your party.

If you have an open concept kitchen and living room space, then consider using some sort of wallpaper or paint instead of fabric housewarming decoration. If you have a very large open concept area, consider hanging streamers from the ceiling along with some balloons on each side of the room to create an illusion of space rather than just having people standing around looking at each other.

Here are some cool House Warming Decoration ideas for party celebrations –

Front door house warming ceremony decoration

When preparing for the front door house warming ceremony, decorating the entrance of your own house is one of the most important things that you have to do. A front door house warming ceremony decoration is something you need to consider. Floral Decoration is perceived as a precious and important part of Traditional housewarming decoration especially in the front door of the house. It is because they are something that contributes to the environment and can make a lot of difference in look of a home that has been recently constructed. Here are some decor ideas that will help you choose the right one!

  1. Marigold Flowers for Decorations as it is considered very auspicious in our Indian culture. Place Banana leaf’s on both side of the doors. house warming is a wonderful way to welcome all your loved ones into your new home. You can decorate your front door with flowers, candles and accessories.
  2. Floral arches it is one of the most straight forward Indian Traditional inspired Housewarming decoration ideas. The sweet aroma of these flowers bring positive energy into the house.
  3. Flower curtains are the trending option that you can also use. It is like strings of flowers together in the long lines creating a curtain like look.
  4. Make elaborate floral Rangolis for your housewarming celebrations. Transform the entrance gate of your home with Rangolis made of flowers, lights and colorful Rajasthan umbrellas etc.
  5. You can use the combination of flowers and brass in different sizes on entrance gate (like an arch of three sides).

House warming decoration with Flowers

House warming celebrations are big deal for a family it’s a joy of moving into a new space which is completely overwhelming as your dreams of finally buying your own house has turn into a reality. So celebrating house warming party with friends and family is a mark of milestone which is a great way to start. If you look into any of traditional Indian housewarming decorations pictures you will find one thing is common which is Decoration with flowers.

Flower Decorations creates the ambience and can make all the difference in the new built home. There are 100s of housewarming decoration ideas with flowers on internet which you can simply find. But the main question is, any event planner company can turn the exact same thing into reality? Ask yourself. We have too many traditional Indian housewarming decorations pictures which we have done personally. So here are some common flowers ideas which we like to share with you.

  1. Ideal Decoration with Marigold flowers everywhere
  2. Colorful Flower decorations everywhere in the house like staircase, front door, kitchen etc.
  3. Vibrant Decoration with fresh flowers
  4. Floral Pathways on the entrance
  5. Floral Decorations in the house with lights, candles etc.

House warming decoration with Balloons

What is the best thing to use in a budget as a decoration for a housewarming ceremony? When you want to throw a unforgettable party at your home while staying in your budget the first thing that comes to your mind is balloons. The perfect budget-friendly decoration for house warming. If you prefer to add a charm in your housewarming party celebrations than you can use different balloons colors. Balloons are great party accessories that can be used with diversification and it has the potential to make the occasion memorable and fantastic. We deal with every types of Balloons so want to know how it will look just messaged on Whatsapp. We deal with different types of packages from budget-friendly to premium packages. Book our Housewarming Decoration with Balloons at the pocket friendly price.

Traditional Indian House warming decorations

Traditionally people celebrate their first entry into their house by griha Pravesh. People don’t really expect a a properly decorated venue like balloons. But what they really expect a simple house warming flower decoration on an entrance gate and mandir. What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear traditional? Flowers, Diya, Pooja room Decorations, Rangolis etc. but what one thing is common in every decoration i.e. flower Correct!!! The most important decoration aspects on a house warming day is flowers. Nothing look feel and fresh than flowers.

Traditional House warming decorations that you actually need to follow-

  1. The Main Entrance should be decorated with flowers and toran of Mari gold and banana leaves on the front gate.
  2. Lotus should be put at both end of the gate
  3. Rangoli on the entrance gate as it believed to attract wealth and prosperity
  4. Apart from the main door Puja room and the entire house should be decorated with the fresh flowers.
  5. You can use fresh flowers overhead hangings, arches, corners and centerpiece for tables.

There you have it! These are the most popular housewarming ceremony decorations. If you’re looking for more ideas, be sure to check out our website. We’ve got tons of great ideas to help make your house a home. Now that you know what to do, it’s time to get started. Visit our website for more great ideas.

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