Romantic First Night Bedroom Decoration Ideas

After getting married new couples desperately wait for their Wedding First night. It symbolizes that finally the newly wed couple are officially husband and wife and can enjoy their private time and know each other in a better way. To make this day extra special what’s better than a Romantic First Nigh Bed Decoration. In this blog we have shared some Wedding Room Decoration Ideas For newly wed couples. In conclusion There are 100s of images floating on internet for First Night Bed Decoration and we are sharing the top ideas.

Flower First Night Wedding Decoration

This is the most traditional and widely used wedding night decoration, where you can use flowers to decorate the room. Different varieties of Flowers that have very aromatic fragrance. Therefore We have share some Flowers which you can choose for marriage wedding room decoration with flowers. Whether it’s exotic blooms like orchids or traditional flowers like tuberose (Rajnigandha) and Marigold flowers are an essential part of creating a lovey-dovey ambience for the newly wed husband and wife and they start off on their new journey. However, There are lots of ways in which flowers can be used to create a beautiful First Night Bed room Decoration.

Red Rose Wedding Room Decoration with Flowers

Roses are the symbol of love and without rose the wedding night decoration is incomplete. There are plenty of ways to decorate the wedding room with rose.

For instance, Steps for Wedding Room Decoration with Flowers

  1. Use Fresh Rose Flowers and Rose Petals
  2. Throw un necessary Leaves and Bristles as it can hurt you.
  3. Make a Rose Pathway to the bed
  4. Place Tea Candles on Both the side of the rose pathway
  5. Make a Beautiful Red Heart on the Bed, you can also add some candles
  6. If you have some extra leftover petals spread it in the table and bed
  7. Add some aromatic candles on the tables
  8. Use some Romantic Room freshener to make the room feel more exotic.

Hope you liked this simple DIY Romantic Wedding Room Decoration ideas with use of rose and candles only.

Canopy Wedding Room Decoration

Add the perfect Boho charm to your wedding night decoration. Therefore Canopy are the latest trend and used widely outside India for Creating a perfect wedding bedroom decor. A canopy of lights right above the bed will make the marriage wedding room decoration so pretty and cozy they would fall in love! . Therefore, Canopies covered in peachy drapes, bunched florals, and a pretty little dreamcatcher are some beautiful decoration ideas to make your first night extra special. We can also use roses or orchids, in bunches, at the corners, and drape strings of flowers, Lights in a cascade around the bed.

Balloon Decoration for First Night Decoration

We’ll this a comparatively easy and budget friendly idea. You can surprise your partner with beautiful balloon decoration for wedding night decoration. Balloons can Make the first night of your marriage the most memorable day of your life. Above all, A bed of roses and heart balloons on the bed will leave them overwhelmed as they enter the room with gleaming eyes. In other words, We at 7eventzz have some best Romantic first night room decoration ideas which you can select from our website.

Simple First Night Bed Decoration

Turn the bedroom of a just married couple into honeymoon suite as you welcome them into the bedroom with simple first night bed decoration ideas –

1. Swan Decoration with Flowers

Stunning Swans! Welcome the newly-weds with some innovative towel decorations. A pair of swans are considered romantic and auspicious. Swans are also associated with the goddess of love and beauty.

Two swans made from towels on honeymoon bed for surprise wedding day

2. Fairy lights

Warm fairy Lights can make your wedding room into a classic honeymoon suite room. Use nails, thumb tacks, or wall hooks to secure the lights to the perimeter of your desired wall. However The best part about warm fairy lights is how much you can do with them. From draping them around your bedposts to placing them on the headboard to interspersing them with flowers, there as many options as your imagination allows you to explore Wedding Night Bed Decoration.

3. Flower Carpet

A plain floor is ideal to make flower carpets, as it does not draw attention away from the flower carpet. You can use Rose petals or Marigold Petals to make the carpet below the bed or at the entrance of your bedroom. This is surely make the couples fall in love and surely she will be impressed with the beautiful romantic bed decoration for the wedding night.

romantic bed decoration for the wedding night.
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  • Do you provide wedding first night bed decoration ?

Yes We Provide Wedding Room Decoration in more than 100+ Cities in India including the major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Pune, Chandigarh, Ahmedabad, Surat, Rajkot, Vadodra, Nagpur, Chennai, Amritsar, Indore etc.

  • Can you share some simple first night bed decoration images ?

Please find some of our works for Marriage wedding room decoration with flowers , Balloons , Candles below –

  • What is cost of first night decoration with flowers ?

Wedding Decoration with Flowers starts with Rs 5000 on our website and Room Decoration with balloons starts with 4000.

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  • Can i send you my own room decoration ideas for first wedding night ?

Yes, you can also share your own ideas for wedding room decoration. We will definitely try to do the decoration if possible and fulfil the requirements.

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