Candle Light Dinner in Jaipur

Top 10 Romantic Restaurants in Jaipur for Candle Light Dinner

If you are planning a spellbinding romantic candlelight dinner in Jaipur, you have come to the right place! Jaipur is a royal city in India, decked up with historical palaces and forts, covered with lush greenery and a true representation of Indian architecture. For instance, If you have something special planned for your partner or just want to spend some quality time with your loved one, check out these romantic restaurants in Jaipur for an unforgettable experience.

Candle Light Dinner in Jaipur

A location can definitely make or break the mood. Its always better and safe to plan a romantic dinner beforehand. To help you with that we have not only curated top 10 romantic places for couples in Jaipur but also can plan all your entire date. you just have to enjoy the picturesque and romantic atmosphere and spend time with your lovey-dovey.

Top 10 Romantic Restaurants in Jaipur for Candle Light Dinner

1.Tentrum dine special- Romantic Candle Light Dinner in Jaipur

The best Romantic place in Jaipur would be no other than TENTRUM DINE SPECIAL. This place at Rajni Vihar is just straight out of our dream location. Book your Private Romantic candle Light Dinner in Jaipur in this place if you want to relish authentic Indian food, finger licking desserts with a mesmerizing decoration that will leave you in awe. With luxurious dining, and poolside sitting arrangement couples can also enjoy musical nights here. A fully Private area will be decorated for you with Floor Cabana, led Candles, fairy lights, artificial leaves, balloons and lots of other decorative pieces.

After all you will enjoy courtyards, well-maintained gardens, stunning portraits, vintage architecture yet soothing to the eyes of modern guests also. You can also check in to their well-fitted, artistic rooms as well. This restaurant should be on your list in number 1 if want a perfect romantic candlelight dinner in Jaipur.

Candle Light Dinner in Jaipur

2.Fairy dine- Rooftop Candle Light Dinner in Jaipur

You will never go wrong with this place and a romantic candle light dinner with your loved one. Away from daily life run away with your partner to this perfect restaurant to spend quality time with each other. Couples from various places outside Rajasthan come to this place to experience eye-pleasing interior decoration and lip smacking food. A Candlelight Dinner is always so romantic, intimate and cozy that will only bring you two close and make you happy. So stop looking and book this restaurant right away to plan a romantic candle light dinner in Jaipur.

Therefore Couples will get a complete private area decorated with candles, cushions, LED lights and much more. For more information or decoration images check our website.

Candle Light Dinner in Jaipur

3.All about love setup- Couple Restaurant in Jaipur

This place always remains on the top romantic places for candlelight dinner in Jaipur because of their beauty and interior. This place will gather an unforgettable memory with your lover which can be cherished forever.

To set your mood for this Romantic dinner we have special package for couples, with a fairy tale decoration. A dreamy environment with candles, lanterns, sofa with cabana setting arrangements. Cherry on the top you well get unlimited Indian food while enjoying the sunsets beside the outdoor setting Right?

Romantic Candle Light Dinner in Jaipur

4.Replay- Candle Light Dinner near me

Arguably the Skyfall by Replay is the best restaurant for your romantic candlelight dinner in Jaipur. Incredibly fascinating decoration while giving the best city view from rooftop Replay will offer you romantic ambience from dancing to drinking or just enjoy the city view. Above all you will have a perfect musical night, with rooftop view and special mention on the food for sure. Replay offers truly amazing, Continental and Mexican, Italian, North Indian and Chinese delicacies.

5. Pakwaan Restaurant- Royal Candle Light Dinner in Jaipur

Candle Light Dinner seems the perfect place for enjoying quality food with your better half. No doubt the restaurants open worldwide have their own theme, interiors, food and especially different vibes. The advantage of these restaurants is you get a private space with decorations to spend some quality times. Therefore, whatever the occasion is you can enjoy wines and Luxurious dinner at such restaurants. With such an interesting setup your dinner will surely be worth remembering!

6.Cinnamon – Outdoor Candle Light Dinner in Jaipur

Cinnamon is the right place for you if you are looking for a romantic restaurant in Jaipur for candlelight dinner. From its elegant architecture to sumptuous delicacies, this restaurant will swoon you and your beloved with its charm and vibe. As it is famous for its indoor setting decorations will suggest you to deck up your table beautiful candles just to elevate the beauty a little more.

7.Taruveda Bistro: Best Restaurant for Couples in Jaipur

Taruveda Bistro is every bit of a charmer in this pink city. It is the answer of your romantic dinner restaurants in jaipur for candle light dinner. It is a beautiful combination of a classy chic café and a bistro wrapped under the theme of a rich bohemian culture. Beautifully decorated with wall murals and tree paintings Taruveda serves excellent continental and Italian, and cuisine which are as classic as its environs.

8.1135 AD – Poolside Romantic Candle Light Dinner in Jaipur

1135 AD is only going to give a king and queen like experience on top of the city. Special mention for this fine-dining restaurant has to be with its walls, which is engraved by gold and silver. Your romantic candle light dinner will be just perfect when you will enjoy the evening in its open-air seating and the golden light will hit the city and you will be served the most delicious Mughlai and Rajasthani foods.

9. Bar Palladio- Best Candle Light Dinner in Jaipur

A combination of Italian Renaissance design mixed and Mughal architecture, you will be mesmerized at its beautiful vibrant blue wall arts and sleek monotone floor. In other words Bar Palladio is the best place for authentic Italian food, finest wine and cocktails. If your partner loves wine and good décor then this place is a must go.

10. Samode Haveli Restaurant- Candle Light Dinner for Couples in Jaipur

Not only the interiors of Samode Haveli Restaurants has lavish décor and royal ambiance but its outdoor seating arrangement is also perfect romantic dining place for couples. Most importantly you can totally choose your vibe for the day, whether you want to sit back, relax or have a party its completely up to you. You can have candle light dinner under the star-lit sky with the live music while treating yourself with the most delicious Rajasthani, Mughlai, Continental and Indian delicacies.

candlelight dinner in Jaipur


As there is plethora of restaurants available in Jaipur, its quite normal for couples to get confuse. We hope this article will help you to choose the best romantic restaurants for candlelight dinner in Jaipur. Planning an evening for your partner with decoration and food? Why not check out our website all you need is to book a Package and directly come to location. From food to place to decoration everything will be taken care by us. In conclusion Just be ready to surprise your Partner and make this day a memorable one.

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