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Top 12 Trendy Varmala Designs for Indian Wedding

In Indian weddings, the moment when the bride and groom exchange jaimala is really special. It’s a symbol of their coming together. This tradition, called the varmala ceremony, is a timeless and elegant part of the celebration. The flower garlands used in this ritual are beautifully designed and add a romantic touch to the festivities. Let’s explore some lovely varmala designs that can make your special day even more beautiful.

The Significance of Varmala Designs in Indian Weddings

The varmala, or garland, is a big deal in Indian weddings. It’s not just a fancy decoration—it’s a special symbol of love, respect and welcoming the future together with each other. When the bride and groom exchange varmalas, it’s like they’re saying, “Hey, I accept and respect you,” and it marks the start of their journey as a couple. It’s not just a ritual; it’s a meaningful act that brings them together in a strong bond of love and commitment.

Varmala Designs You Can try for Your Indian Wedding

Varmala designs are like stories in an Indian wedding, showing what the couple likes and their love. It can be classic red roses or modern orchids, each telling a different tale. When they exchange these garlands, it’s like making a colorful memory blanket for the newlyweds. May the jaimala designs be as lasting as the love they share.

Jasmine Varmala

a bunch of white jasmine flowers all strung together—simple, right? Well, that’s what a jasmine varmala is. It’s like a necklace made of these tiny, sweet-smelling blooms. People like it for weddings because it’s classic and smells really nice. The white flowers symbolize starting fresh and new beginnings. They’re simple but beautiful. It’s like a promise of a journey that’s graceful and not too complicated.

Orchids Varmala

The orchid varmala is a cool and stylish choice for couples who want a modern touch to their traditional ceremony. Orchids have bright colors and a fancy vibe, making the varmala look amazing and different. Lots of couples like it because it’s trendy and adds a bit of sophistication to their wedding. Whether you go for bold purples, soft pinks, or pure whites, the orchid jaimala will make your special day really stand out and look awesome!

Contrast Rose Varmala

A beautiful varmala made of red and white roses, like a colorful work of art. The red roses show strong feelings of love, like a fiery passion, while the white roses are calm and pure, bringing a sense of peace. Together, they create a nice balance, like a perfect match of two different things. The jaimala becomes a symbol of their love story, where opposites attract and make a beautiful journey together.

Pure Red Rose Varmala

The red rose varmala is a classic pick that’s always in style, never out of fashion. It’s all about those deep red roses—they’re not just pretty flowers but a symbol of love and commitment. The rich color speaks volumes about passion, making it perfect for couples who want to keep things traditional. It’s like a timeless tradition, a simple yet elegant way for couples to show they’re in it for the long haul.

Pink Rose Varmala

The pink rose jaimala is like a soft and romantic hug for weddings. It’s super popular because it brings a gentle and charming vibe. The different shades of pink in the flowers make everything feel warm and loving, setting a really sweet mood for the wedding ceremony. Each shade of pink in the flowers says something nice, creating a mix of feelings that fills the wedding with love.

White Rose Varmala

For a classy and simple look, pick a white rose varmala—it’s a symbol of purity and innocence. This classic choice goes well with traditional wedding outfits and adds a dreamy touch to the ceremony. The white rose petals, all neatly woven together, represent pure love and a strong commitment, creating a calm and elegant vibe for the whole wedding.

Baby’s Breath Varmala

Make your varmala unique by adding baby’s breath flowers. These tiny flowers mean pure and forever love, and they make your varmala look soft and dreamy. It’s like magic! When you put these little flowers in your varmala, it’s like making a dream come true. They’re so light and delicate, just like butterflies in a sunny field.

Carnation Flower Varmala

Carnations are cool for making varmalas because they look awesome with their wavy petals and lots of different colors. The colors mean different kinds of love, like liking someone a lot or really loving them. So, when you use carnations for a jaimala, it’s not just about how pretty they are, but also about telling a sweet love story with all the different colors.

Tulsi Varmala

Make your varmala ceremony spiritual by using a varmala made of tulsi leaves. Tulsi is like the superhero plant in Hindu culture—it’s super special! It’s not just about looking nice; it’s about something really important. Tulsi is all about love, being pure, and staying safe. When you swap tulsi varmalas, it’s like saying, “Hey, we’re not just getting married; we’re doing it with a sprinkle of magic.” Each tulsi leaf is like a tiny wish for a happy and awesome marriage.

Flowers with Beads Varmala

Combining pretty flowers with colorful beads, it’s like creating your own unique design that matches your wedding colors or includes some traditional elements. You can choose beads that you really like and that go with the theme of your wedding, making it all personal and special. Think of it as a bunch of lovely flowers mixed with shiny beads, making your varmala look beautiful.

Customized Varmala

Imagine a varmala with your initials and sweet-smelling jasmine and roses. It’s like a charm bracelet with tiny symbols: a little book for your stories, a travel compass for your adventures, and a lock and key for trust. There are also shiny pearls, each one holding a special promise or dream. You also can choose you varmala as per you Wedding Decoration theme on your special day.

Artificial Flower Varmala

These artificial flower varmalas are like forever flowers for your big day. They’re made really carefully to look just like real flowers, but the cool part is they won’t ever droop or wither. So, you get to keep this awesome reminder of your special day forever. No stress about flowers losing their charm; these artificial ones are here to stay, preserving the memories of your love-filled celebration. Why settle for flowers that fade away when you can have a forever blooming varmala?


At an Indian wedding, the varmala ceremony is a special moment filled with joy and meaning. The varmala design you pick says a lot about your style and love. Whether you go for traditional red roses or something more modern like orchids or a custom design, let your jaimala show off your unique connection. When you exchange these flower garlands, it’s not just about the flowers; it’s about creating memories that will last in your marriage. May your varmala be as colorful and lasting as your love!

Q. What is a Varmala?

A. Varmala is a beautiful tradition in Indian weddings where the bride and groom exchange flower garlands as a symbol of their love and acceptance of each other.

Q. Why do couples exchange Varmala?

A. Exchanging Varmala signifies the mutual acceptance of the bride and groom into each other’s families. It’s a joyful moment that marks the beginning of their journey together.

Q. How is the Varmala exchange done?

A. The bride and groom stand facing each other, and family members lift them up slightly to make it a bit challenging. This adds fun and laughter to the ceremony as the couple tries to put the garland around each other’s necks.

Q. What is the starting price of Varmala?

A. The price of Varmala can vary, but it usually starts at around INR 500 and can go up based on the type of flowers and designs chosen.

Q. Which flower is most popular for Varmala?

A. The most popular flower for Varmala is the rose. Roses come in different colors, and they are loved for their beauty and sweet fragrance, making them a top choice for this special wedding tradition.

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