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New Simple Mehndi Designs Styles – Front Hands Arabic

Every feminine has their own fantasies about mehndi designs for their special days. Although mehndi designs 2022 new style have a unique eye-catching competency. However, it comprehends not only in wedding occasions but also it will make a spectacular choice in every single function. Along with bride every woman can choice these beautiful mehndi designs at weddings. Also you can give a try to these cute simple mehndi designs in raksha bandhan, diwali, bhai dooj, karvah chauth.

The vogue of new stylish mehndi designs add extra apprehension to you for the particular occasion. Here is the list of stylish designs of mehndi which can make a fascination on your memorable day.

The Exclusive List of Stylish Mehndi Designs

Simple Mehndi Designs For Hands – Shimmery Arabic Mehndi

It’s been ages now, but the Shimmering Arabic Mehndi design is still enjoying the same fan base. This simple finger mehndi design sums the mini flowers and horizontal patterns while leaving most of the area blank. To empower the impact of the simple arabic mehndi design the artists often use sparkling dots. 

Moreover, if you are thinking to give a creative finish you can use multi-colored sparkles instead of using the usual dots. Although it’s not super traditional, it is surely the most popular one.

Beginner Cute Simple Mehndi DesignsAbstract

Partially inspired by the Arabian mehndi styles, abstract mehndi is the simple new mehndi design of the times. In fact, a lot of women choose to go with abstract mehndi just for the sake of getting a temporary tattoo. Also these are the simple mehndi designs for kids.

The reason behind the eminence of abstract mehndi is obvious, it does not necessarily demand any particular flow. If you are a bride who wants to put a simple and different bridal henna pattern then abstract bridal mehndi is the prettiest possible solution for you.

Front Hand simple Laced Mehndi Design

You must have adored the pretty laces that amplify the beauty of your outfits, now just imagine such laced inspired mehndi design for your big day. Yes, laced mehndi is one such option that any lady can rely on to redefine the bridal look. The implication of phenomenal flowers, the small strings, and the knitted patterns are the key elements for such lovely bridal henna designs. 

Thebest and unique fact about the laced mehndi pattern is that if you don’t like the inclusion of paisley on your palm or back hand then you should stay up for this design only. Apart from all that, the mentioned new mehndi design is a fab back-hand mehndi design option. So, laced mehndi is probably the one that you surely want to be portrayed on your hands.

Full Hand Floral Leaves Laced design

Despite being the most common, floral mehndi design 2022 new style is still one of the most loving designs among all the brides. The graceful paisleys and motifs in between lead to the unmatchable beauty of these designs. 

Also, this simple easy foot mehndi design looks adorable, especially on the thumb side.  A few artists tend to choose different kinds of swirls to drop the crux of uniqueness. The delicate strokes and loose frilly flowers are the key elements of flower leaves laced design.

Simple Full Hand Heart-shaped Design

What could be better than putting enough heart patterns in a mehndi design? Highlighting every detail too clearly, this design incorporates heavy work at the end, semi-heavy work in the mid, and finally, the plain work at the top of the fingers.

 The sequence goes identically with small dots, then huge flowers or motifs, and then preferable leaves or dots. Not only on the front side mehndi design, but a heart-shaped simple mehndi design for back hands look best too.

New Mehndi Design – Stellar Circular

Stellar Circular Design is more famous in Pakistan and other Islamic countries than in comparison to India. Although these foot mehndi designs are definitely able to grab your attention. It flows with unbelievable tightly created circular patterns and seems completely full of wow details. 

For all brides who wish to cover their hands wholly with henna, Stellar Circular Design is the mehndi design 2022 new style simply your pick. But, this bridal mehndi design remains full only at the palm side while the second half of the arm remains half-covered. Unlike other mehndi designs, there is a fashion of putting some sort of pattern as a simple finger mehndi design too, instead of filling it totally with henna. In other words, the presence of interesting patterns, chicken Kaari (look-alike) dots, criss-cross waves of Stellar Circular Design wins the heart of every bride.

Mehndi Designs For full hand – Quirky pattern

Quirky mehndi designs are a breath of fresh air for people who do not want traditional bridal mehndi designs. Quirky patterns are the new mehndi designs full of creativity which makes you look stand out from the crowd. Such designs look great around your wrist and palm. With pretty design elements and flowy trails, the designs look breathtaking. In such a bridal mehndi design, there are empty spaces on your hand, so it looks very elegant. Moreover, quirky patterns are great for bridesmaids as well who do not want to opt for traditional designs. 

This classy and edgy design will look breathtakingly beautiful. Quirky designs are random as they are a perfect blend of simple arabic mehndi designs and intricate patterns. In this type of mehndi, you can opt for any object that you like and convert it into a lovely design. From peacocks, flowers to simple dots, easy simple finger mehndi design anything is possible in quirky designs.

Stylish MehndiRose inspired design

Is there anything more beautiful than rose designs? Probably not. Rose is the symbol of love, romance, and elegance. If you are looking for easy & simple bridal mehndi designs for your big day, then roses would simply look the best. The best thing about rose mehndi is that these designs never go out of style. Plus, roses hold a poetic meaning to them. You can also write the name of your beloved inside the roses to make it more meaningful. From big statement rose designs to pretty little and elegant rose designs, all of them look stunning. 

Be it an engagement party, bridal shower, or the D day, rose designs are perfect for every occasion. Rose mehndi design indicates beauty, refinement, and glamour at the same time. When you are searching through simple full hand mehndi designs, then do consider this one to make your hands look gorgeous.

New Mehndi DesignGeometric Swatch

Geometric new mehndi design is unique, different from traditional designs, and an absolute delight to look at.  Solid lines, big dots, circles, and squares usually represent geometric designs. Symmetrical designs are very popular as they give a neat look. Although the designs look very simple, they are very difficult to create. These designs have a similar pattern that runs throughout your entire hands. If you are looking for an eye-catching simple mehndi designs for front & back hands then this one is definitely for you. For brides who are looking for a modern yet chic design, then geometric designs will suit you the best. 

Some people do not like to go all traditional with their looks, therefore, this mehndi designs 2022 new style will be great for such occasions. Whether you are a bride, bridesmaid or simply attending the wedding, you can go for geometric designs. This eye-catching design will get you a lot of attention for your mehndi choice. 

Hypnotic design

There are some interesting new mehndi designs that make people go gaga when they look at your bridal mehndi. If you want the groom or the relatives to keep staring at your hands then opt for a hypnotic design. Such designs keep your palms and wrists full with pretty designs. This bridal mehndi design includes flowers, leaves, quirky designs, and even patterns with dots. You can also paint your wedding picture in your mehndi. Some brides include images of dhol, lotus, paisleys, and the sehra of grooms. Taj Mahal is another hypnotic element that you can incorporate in the simple front mehndi design as it is a symbol of love. 

Elephants, horses as well as peacocks are other popular mehndi designs that will make you stand out from the crowd. A blend of these components makes the mehndi look gorgeous and meaningful. Opt for a combination of such patterns to fill your hands with mehndi.

Simple MehndiMesmerizing design

Getting an aesthetic design with a minimalistic look is the new 2022 mehndi design these days. Win the hearts of everyone with a neat bridal mehndi design. Mandalas are super in right now as they look mesmerizing. With mandalas, you get symmetric designs, bold lines, and identical patterns. Flowers in the middle of the palm, the sides containing geometric designs, and the arms having a mandala would create a beautiful mehndi look. Leafy patterns with elaborate designs look stunning too. Moreover, nothing can beat the elegance of checkered fingers. 

Every mehndi design is incomplete without checks and encircled designs. If you want your hand full then go for Arabic mehndi with flowers, leaves, and traditional patterns. Motifs are gaining momentum as well because of their cute appearance. Little hearts and elephants will make all the eyes notice your pretty mehndi hands. Get ready for a rocking wedding with these intricate front & back hands mehndi designs.

Simple & Easy Mehndi DesignInterlocked leaves

If you are looking for the perfect simple full hand mehndi design for weddings, festivals and other traditional parties then this design is evergreen. You cannot go wrong with the versatility of leafy designs. Ornate your fingers with delicate simple finger mehndi designs to get a contemporary look. 

Experimenting with this design is possible in many ways to create a unique bridal mehndi. Fill your palms with precious leafy designs and keep them minimal. This type of design does not fill your hand completely and follows a diagonal line on your hand. This is the simple mehndi design for kids also.

Interlocked design of the leaves is best for bridesmaids as it looks chic. From big statement leaves to little ones along the branches, the possibilities are endless. If you are into delicate designs then choose this option for your big day. With motifs and leaves, the easy mehndi design is simple to create on the hands.

Simple Spacious design

Spacious designs are simple easy mehndi design also gorgeous at the same time. If you are not fond of Arabic traditional designs then bracelet patterns will work the best for you. You can add a personal touch to such new mehndi designs. If your groom is a cricket player then you can get a bat as a symbol of love on your hand. Moreover, you can add significant dates or locations to your design to make it more special. Floral motifs, spiral circles, dots, and tendrils can give a beautiful bridal mehndi. Dewdrop flowers are other patterns that start from the fingers but do not cover your entire palm. 

The inclusion of paisleys in the mehndi design ensures elegance and charm. For everyone who wishes to opt for a modern-day minimalistic mehndi, opt for spacious designs. Pendant structures, single line designs, and breezy flowers are popular designs for spacious mehndi. 

New Full Hand Mehndi Design Bird’s queue

Front & back hand simple mehndi designs with bird motifs are quite the talk of weddings nowadays. If you wish to describe the word graceful with your mehndi design then opting for bird’s queue is the way to do it. Bird motifs with delicate flowers and minimalistic leaves make the design spectacular. Peacocks and parrots are other symbols of love, affection, and devotion. Create a statement bridal mehndi look so everyone’s eyes are stuck to the mehndi all the time. Grab the attention you deserve on your big day with this intricate design. 

Trees, branches, leaves, and cages are some elements that go well with birds’ designs. Keep this new mehndi design simple but make a great impression at the same time. You can also get the design of temples as they symbolize holiness and blessings from the almighty. Give a personal touch to the mehndi design to make it unforgettable for the rest of your life.

Simple Mehndi Designs For HandsSurreal design

With the invention of modern wedding mehndi designs, the artists started experimenting with countless mehndi patterns. Thanks to all those trials and errors it gave birth to this new mehndi design. The base idea of surreal mehndi design is that it leaves considerable gaps in the palm. On the contrary, it carries pinpointed details that elevate the final look of the design like anything. 

There is also a trend of leaving the fingertips totally blank for pulling all the attention on the mid part of the design. Not just that but the outstanding floral add ons and lines create an engaging style to expand the allure of every bride.


What is the cost of a bridal mehndi design?

Well, the cost of the bridal mehndi depends a lot upon the type of design that you are thinking to opt for. Approximately, the costing starts from 1400 and goes upto 15000 at the end it varies according to the length and details of design.

What are the famous types of bridal mehndi design?

The famous types of bridal mehndi patterns are:

Hypotonic design
Rose Inspired design
Intricate paisley motifs design
Mesmerizing mehndi design
The classical Indian mehndi design

What are the kinds of bridal mehndi designs?

The main kinds of bridal mehndi design are:
Mesh Pattern Design
Dulha Dulhan and Ganesha Design
Traditional Mehndi Design
Floral Mehndi Design
Indo-Arabic Mehndi Design

Who is the famous bridal mehndi artist?

Jyoti Chheda is a famous bridal mehndi artist. But a few more renowned mehndi artists are:
Pawan Arts
Geeta Patel
Nirmala Asthana
Deepa Sharma

Why is bridal mehndi design difficult?

Among all kinds of mehndi designs, bridal mehndi is the most difficult due to the length, patterns, design, and details. Not just that but bridal mehndi requires complete perfection and neatness to enhance the beauty of the bride.

5 Simple Mehndi Design Video Tutorial

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