Birthday is a special day that comes only once a year so, celebrating this day is a very much obvious thing. You can celebrate this day in a very simple way as well by picking up some Simple Birthday Decorations ideas at Home.  

However, You might never want to spend this day without celebrating and enjoying. We know that you are dying to throw a party, may be a simple one but full of fun. Organizing Birthday Parties At Home have always been common and have become more now after the Coronavirus pandemic. Therefore if you are planning for an indoor party then, here is some mind blowing ideas you can work on.

We have came up with some really good Birthday Decoration Ideas in Room that are both easy and fun.

Tips for Birthday Decoration at Home

  • First of all before starting the decorations you need to clean the Room . So Clean Clean Clean !!! Hey you did a great job !
  • Now you need to make sure that your home is spacious enough for the guests to move freely. If it’s not then you need to try and rearrange the furniture.
  • Next to add some life to the house you can bring in some outdoor potted plants and some flowers and place them around the house.
  • Transform your balcony and patio for the party with adequate lights, seating and with few stools to keep the drinks and food.
  • You can use some colorful dupattas and curtains along with fairy lights all around the house to give some extra spark to the Birthday Decoration In Room.
simple birthday decoration ideas
simple birthday decoration ideas

Keep In Mind !!

  • Party’s theme
  • Home décor
  • Space available
  • Birthday person’s age
  • Budget

Things You Need

  • Balloons
  • Confetti
  • Foil curtains
  • Banners
  • Streamers
  • Pom-poms
  • Posters cut-outs
  • Ready-made photo booths as per the theme
  • Honeycomb paper balls
  • Bunting’s lights
  • Party hats
  • Lights
  • Flowers
  • Cake
  • Drinks
  • Food

You can buy these things online or from your local store that sells fancy decoration items. Therefore, You can even make some of the item at your come so that to cut off excess cost. Keeping in mind your budget, we have brought some amazing Ideas For Simple Birthday Decoration At Home.

Simple Birthday Decoration At Home With A ‘Happy Birthday’ Banner

Birthday banner is the first element for Birthday Balloon Decoration At Home. It holds the focal point of decoration. The banners for Birthday Backdrop Decoration are available in variety of materials, from paper to fabric and in various shapes and sizes. For kids you can get small or big banners with various cartoon characters as per the party theme. In addition These banners are also available in multi-colors, double color and even battery-operated LED string lights. You can hang a simple Happy Birthday banner or can go for more extravagant options of customized birthday banners mentioning some milestone birthday along with name to add some quirky thought in the décor. The Birthday banner must be hung in a place where it is easily noticeable like above the entrance or the wall behind the cake table.

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Streamers For Birthday Party Decoration

Party streamers add up the party vibe to home décor. These can be draped  in different styles to give a simple yet elegant look to the Birthday Decoration At Home. These tiny scraps are the major Birthday Decoration kit.

Tissue Pom-Poms Birthday Decoration

Pom-poms of tissue paper gives an elegant colorful punch to any party decoration. You can make chains or garlands and hung them on the walls, windows, shelves, staircase, etc., or you can simple stick them on places. You can have a quick search online to know how to make cute pom-poms. These Ideas For Birthday Decoration are easy and fun.

Balloon Decoration For Birthday

Balloons are the major items for Birthday Decorations. They are among the fun factors list of Birthday Decoration Items. They come in plenty of colors, sizes, shapes (heart, stars, letters, numbers, etc.) and materials (latex, foil). You have now more added up options like air-filled balloons, helium-filled balloons, glitter balloons, balloons with confetti, LED inside glow balloons, etc.

We can even get specially printed balloons, self-inflated metallic foil balloons, self standing cartoon character balloons for kids, etc. You can choose to have a single or dual color balloons for wall decoration, or make a column pathway or a balloon arch, add paper tassels to helium balloons, etc. for children’s parties go for bright colors with TV and Movie themes. Therefore For adults limit the color to one or two to have a classy and elegant look.

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Perfect Lighting For Birthday Room Decoration

Lights are the essential part of a decoration which sets up the mood and atmosphere of the place. For instance You can drape fairy lights on walls or wrap them around curtains in the room or in the balcony on plants, etc., to put everything in place in the whole setup. Right from lantern fairy light to smart mood lights, there are many options, when it come using light for Birthday Decoration At Home.

Floral Birthday Decoration Ideas At Home

To cheer up the room with the enchanting textures and vibrant colors, you can always go with the idea of putting up some fresh flowers in your decoration. It instantly gives the touch of freshness and greenery, making the whole set up to be eye-soothing. In addition You can use single shade or mixed colored flowers in various places in the room. You can put some in vases on the tables and shelves and even some potted outdoor plants in your balcony. Its kind of romantic Birthday Room Decoration ideas.

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Birthday Party Themes

Depending on the age and preference of the person, the theme for the party can be selected. Right from various Movie themes and cartoon characters you have numerous options like Barbie, Mermaid, Frozen, Minions, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Peppa Pig, Marvel characters, retro, Bollywood, etc. However the age of the birthday person can be the theme itself and the decoration can be done around the number. Ensure that the cake and deserts are designed as per the theme of the party. We have all the options from 1st Birthday Decoration to 25TH Birthday Decoration to Terrace Birthday Decoration etc.

Romantic Birthday Decoration Ideas

You can decorate the home in various ways for your partner’s special day. To add to the romantic birthday feel beside the living room, you can even decorate the bedroom with some rose petals, candles, fairy lights and some heart shaped balloons. You can also opt for aromatic candles with colors matching with balloons. Put some flowers in the corner of the room or you can keep a romantic heart shaped bouquet to go with the mood.

You can even put up some pictures of memories in a heart-warming ways, go down the memory lane and pick up some memorable pictures with your partner, paste them with the balloons and hang them.

simple birthday balloon decoration

Food Ideas For Birthday Parties

Everyone throws party with cakes, deserts and ice-creams, so here we have bought some nice Food Ideas for your Party. The food has to be diverse so as to delight the taste buds of both the kids and adults. First of all the food section should be presentable enough, decked up and inviting. It must be attractive and consistent with the theme of the party. The delicacies must be properly planned ranging from appetizers, main course, deserts, beverages, etc. The starters must be served hot like Pav Bhaji, Tikkas, Pakoras, Fries, Dhoklas coupling up with some cold drinks. You can also keep nachos, pizzas and small sized sandwiches in your menu for the kids.


  • What will be the cost of a simple birthday decoration at home?

Our simple birthday decoration starts from Rs. 1200. For package and booking details contact 7eventzz

  • How to do birthday decoration at home?

You can do birthday decorations at home by using various balloons, banners, flowers, lights streamers, etc. please go through the blog to get some of the best ideas for birthday decoration at home.

  • How to make balloon decoration for birthday party at home?

We can use balloons of various colors and shapes to match with the party theme. You can place the balloons on walls, floor, ceiling, make an arch, etc. We can also paste some memorable pictures with balloons and hang them.

  • How to tape decorations without damaging the walls ?

To avoid damaging the walls and leaving marks on them, you must use paper tapes or gaffer tapes or poster double sided tapes. We can also use some variety of adhesive hooks that do not damage the walls. Try not to put leave the tapes on the walls for long time.

  • What can I put inside the balloons to be popped at the end of the kid’s birthday party?

You can put toffees, candies, chocolates, fancy rubber bands, tiny soft toys, fancy erasers, etc., inside the balloons to be popped at the end of the kid’s birthday to make it more fun for all the kids in the party.

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