Ring Ceremony Ideas and Inspirations for Couples for Lasting memories

Ring Ceremony Ideas – The Ring ceremony is one of the most sorted event for any Indian wedding ceremony. This event will fun-filled Tradition held at the attendance of relatives and close friends from both sides. It is also know as Engagement Ceremony in many parts of India. Ring ceremony is also the moment to enjoy the tradition of exchanging gifts between the bride and groom families, dressing up in a Traditional way and celebration this special day with Fun and Bollywood Songs.

Ring Ceremony or Engagement Ceremony is the initial step towards a successful wedding. There are various terms associated with the ring ceremony like Mangni, Sagai, Roka Ceremony etc. In this blog we are sharing some trending Ring Ceremony celebration Ideas to make it memorable forever –

Ring ceremony engagement dress for groom

Ring ceremony dress for men should be always matching with the bride dress. Before the Ring ceremony both couples should mutually discuss about their color preferences, whether they want to wear Gowns and suits for the ring ceremony or go with traditional dresses according to their custom and rituals.

Ring ceremony engagement dress for groom should always be in a light shade colors preferably. Their are lots of options available for the groom engagement dress in the market. Before buying do a proper research and consult with the bride about her dress ideas. Ring ceremony dress for men is very special as it’s the first time all families and friends will meet with each other and as we say First impression is the Last impression.

Ring ceremony Mehndi design for engagement bride

Bride is the center of attraction for the ring ceremony and she should look very special on this occasion. Ring ceremony Mehndi designs needs to be a special one for the ring ceremony. Therefore, we have shared some cool ideas for Ring ceremony Mehndi design for engagement bride in this article.

Ring ceremony cake ideas

Now a days their is special custom to cut Ring ceremony cake to mark this special day. Hundreds of ideas for ring ceremony, cake designs are filled on the instagram and youtube pages. In Delhi we have seen a recent trend of chandelier cake for ring ceremony. Engagement cakes these days, are so attractive that everyone only want to take photos with them and completely forget about eating.

Ring ceremony decorations

Ring ceremony decoration should be special and at the same time it should be simple. Normally the banquet hall offers Ring ceremony decoration with the package only but if you are looking for a customized decoration for the ring ceremony with beautiful backdrops and flower decoration you can hire our team of experts. We have more than 10+ years experience in Decoration industry specially for Engagement ceremony, Haldi Decorations and small wedding functions.

Ring ceremony wishes and invitation

If you are invited to an engagement ceremony then remember that the couple and his family has special relation with you they might appreciate a single wish from you more than everything else at that time. We are sharing some beautiful ring ceremony invitation ideas you can implement on your ring ceremony invitation cards.

Ring ceremony poses for Couples

A perfect ring ceremony ends with countless photos of the couple and families. Recent wedding trends have made wedding fun event and to capture this we are sharing cool ring ceremony poses for couple, which they can definitely try on their ring ceremony function.


Hope you loved this small article on ring ceremony ideas. We at 7eventzz make your events special with our beautiful and budget friendly decorations. Visit our Instagram page for more details.

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