Office Diwali Decoration ideas

Illuminating the Workplace with Diwali Decoration ideas

Diwali screams fairy lights, colours, Rangoli, diyas and frills. As Diwali is around the corner we are trying to be creative and do better than our next year. We spend a lot of hours at our offices evidently its our second home. For Diwali celebration we deck up our home with lots of lights, candles, and garlands this year why not add this colours to offices too? Not only it will brighten mundane office cubicles but also your office colleagues will learn another form of team work. In our culture any celebration means celebrating that festival with our near and dears only. So, we know to celebrate Diwali with office partners will be nothing but absolute fun and entertainment. For that here are some Diwali office decoration ideas to delight your eyes and add fun vibe to your soul.

Mandatory Fairy Lights

Diwali is after all a festival of lights. So, you can never put enough lights to make your office look dazzling and aesthetic. You can hang long fairy chains from the terrace, at your balcony and outside of the windows also. You can chose the color of your fairy light according to the theme color of your party. But yellow, whites, dim blue, light pink colours lights always go simultaneously with Diwali and look pleasing to the eyes. A hallway entirely covered with fairy lights will be picture perfect for your Instagram photo back drop isn’t it? You can also decorate your personal working space with fairy lights with any colours and pattern of your choice.

Diwali decoration at office

Simple Rangoli Designs

Rangoli symbolizes liveliness, positivity and happiness of a place. That is why Rangoli always comes hand in hand with Diwali. Your creativity reflects on your Rangoli. The more creative you become the brighter and colorful your Rangoli gets. Always draw Rangoli at the entry gate, on the boarders of the door cabin. No matter whether you are a good Rangoli artist or not do be shy at this Diwali celebrations. Because this rituals are not about being perfect but enjoy the process with your partners. Make this Rangolis more beautiful by adding flower petals and diyas on it. Which brings us to our next point Diyas and led lights.

Simple rangoli design

Diyas and Led Lights

Diwali celebration ideas at your office will be incomplete without Diyas and led lights. There is a lot of options available at the market for clay diyas. You can buy multicolored, hand painted diyas of various sizes to decorate your office. Place the Diyas on all the corners of your office, at the balcony, not to forget the entrance. Use led lights to completely transform the room. There is also Diya like led lights available nowadays if you want to avoid the hustle of fires. Also for professional led lights decoration you have to take of help of professional decorators companies or electricians to give your office a complete makeover.

Diyas for Diwali
Office Decoration Ideas for Diwali

DIY Ideas Decoration for Diwali

There is noting better than handmade crafts and decors for this Diwali. Make a plan beforehand with your collogues to bring fresh ideas on the table for Diwali office decoration ideas. Maybe someone can make handmade Diyas, scented candles, paper lanterns etc. You can always take help of YouTube for DIY Diwali Decors tutorials if you are scared to try for the first time. There is several types of paper crafts available which you can hang on the walls or on the ceilings to completely change your office looks. You can make colorful origami, flowers , diyas using colorful chart paper and glitter papers.

Diys for Diwali

Mesh and Frill Decorations for Diwali

You can never go wrong with colorful mesh clothing decoration for Diwali party at your office. Using mesh, net, glitter fabrics for decoration purpose has been going on for ages. Be it birthday party, anniversary or weddings colorful fabrics are totally a game changer. Try to make frills using those fabrics for more elevated looks. For Diwali office decoration use the colorful fabrics on the walls, hallways, doors and outside of the windows. Wrap up those fabrics using fairy lights and the outcome will totally please your eyes. As Diwali is around the corner you can get those fabrics in any clothing store around you.

Diwali decoration at office

Add Torans and Lanterns for Office Decoration

Lights attracts positivity and happiness and that is why Diwali is always celebrated with lights. Lanterns were our companion for ages and ages. On our early days we used lanterns for lights but nowadays lanterns are used for decoration purposes. You can make lanterns from scratch by yourself or buy them from local stores or online. That goes same for Torans also. Torans are considered to be auspicious for any Pujas or holy occasion in our Hindu household. For office Decoration must hang Torans on the entry gate and all the other doors and add lanterns on the middle.

Lanterns for Diwali
Asian lanterns in lantern festival

Use Flowers and Garland for Diwali Decoration at office

One cannot deny flowers add so much freshness and soothes the environment with its aroma and beauty. Not only flowers are used to pay homage to our Hindu idols but also it adds artistry and charm to any decoration. So, to avoid flowers for your office Diwali decoration will be a huge mistake. Add flowers, flower petals on your Rangoli or make Rangoli with flowers too. Roses, marigold, tube roses are easily available at the market and cheap also. Use these flowers and any other flower of your choice and decorate the floor using them. You can also make garland using marigolds and tube roses and drape them with the Torans.

Flower decoration for Diwali

Sweets and Gifts are Must for Diwali Celebration

We agree that sweets and gifts are not considered as a decoration element but you can can not disagree that its a part of your Diwali celebration. Then why not add them to your Office Decoration ideas for Diwali as well? After all Diwali celebration means bringing your near and dear ones close to you and make them extra happy. Then you have to treat your colleagues with Kaju katli and besan laddoo. If you have someone special at your office gift them any kind of present to make them feel special in this Diwali and you can add sweet and small notes as well. Wrap up the sweets and gifts with decorative papers ,tie a ribbon and put them on their table and it will instantly put a smile on their faces!

Gifts and sweets for Diwali


If you have come this far we must have given you bunch of ideas for Diwali Celebration at office right now. Diwali Celebration is an accumulated festival of all the good things. From decoration, to food to spending time with closed ones. We hope we have covered all parts of your Diwali celebration now , so what are you waiting for? Buckle up and use these Diwali office Decoration ideas to celebrate Diwali with a blast this year at your office. You can visit our website too for more customize Diwali decoration ideas. Have a safe and happy Diwali!

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