Top 10 Mehndi Ceremony Decoration ideas at Home

Mehendi is a pre – wedding ceremony. In other words, Mehndi ceremony is a joyful celebration of applying Heena. Its a traditional Indian event which happens to be the most joyful and colorful celebration with the most quirky themes. If you are planning for a happening Mehendi decoration with a variety of theme to make your special day extremely memorable. however, this ceremony is to make the bride feel the calm and serene. its the most delightful intimate ceremony of the wedding. Above all, the right decoration is always a good idea to add extra fun into the celebration.

For instance, with bright colors, upbeat music, and fascinating décor. The Mehndi function in other words, is the most fun-filled function out of all the ceremonies. In addition, Organizing some entertaining activities for everyone will make the ceremony memorable for life. After that, these will involve each member present and will be a brilliant way to bond with your near and dear ones. Here are Top 10 Mehndi Decoration ideas under Rs 10000 –

Dulhaniya Mehndi Theme

Mehendi is certainly a special occasion, to make it extra special this is the perfect theme to add an extra personalized touch to your celebration. Its traditional trendy and most importantly personalized . It comes for instance, with a green backdrop, marigold flowers and a customized name on the backdrop. This customized Backdrop is all you need to make your mehndi ceremony a big hit. Above all, a personalized décor never fails to make the bride prettier.

Dulhaniya Mehndi Theme decoration

Fusion Mehndi ceremony Decoration with Artificial Flowers

A day time ceremony gives you room to play with some outdoorsy concepts from your childhood. Certainly, Vibrant color cloth backdrop with traditional Umbrella make for fantastic decoration along earthen pots that can give for a new vibe. For instance, this backdrop Mehndi decoration includes cage, paper fans, marigold flowers and colorful strings to add more color of happiness with a customized written on backdrop. Its a fusion of everything which makes it prettier coming together in one frame for subsequently, making the bride or the couple special.

Mehndi ceremony Decoration

Banana Leaf Mehndi Decoration

Its a totally traditional theme keeping in mind most importantly the essence of the ceremony .Similarly, it can even go with your Haldi ceremony. This theme includes a Backdrop covered with banana leaf and natural marigold flowers along with big and small bells with a beautiful Ganesh idol made with marigold flowers showering its blessings in the center. Bells add rustic charm to the decoration. A simple and gamechanger marigold for the win.

Boho Mehndi Theme Party

Mehendi ceremony is to create a calm and serene experience. Creating a vibrant boho vibe feels with this Backdrop. This décor includes a green backdrop along with paper kites, colorful tassels all over for the boho feel and flowers of marigold along with earthen pots (matkas). A riots of colors adding happiness to the intimate celebrations. Boho is the modern way celebrating Mehendi ceremony style.

Pop of colors in Mehndi

A vibrant and traditional decoration to elevate your mehndi ceremony into a beautiful delightful experience. A yellow backdrop with artificial leaves and flowers along with colorful kites. The wooden crates and pink and yellow color matkas for adding a pop of colors for the bliss with golden and orange marigold flowers. This Mehendi backdrop decoration is a colorful bliss. To add the charm in the mehndi ceremony a prop stand is a must for making the vibe come alive.

Simple Mehendi setup

A marigold decors can never go out of style. The simple and cute marigold flower on a green backdrop making a very pleasing combination. Less is more is what this decors is all about, the rajanigandha flower adding on the freshness to the décor. The mehndi decoration is complete with fresh flowers of marigold and pots ( matkas) . This, Mehendi setup is must for the brides.

Simple mehendi setup

Fairy lights Mehndi Backdrop

Mehendi decoration for bride who likes it colorful apart from the usual yellow and green. A beautiful combination of colors in the backdrop with fairy lights immediately giving the perfect fairytale vibe the bride desires along with a hint of green grass on the top of the backdrop. As the name says fairy lights, it adds light to the venue be it indoors or outdoors.

Mehendi decoration ideas

Rangreez Mehndi Decoration

An arrangement of bright colors to brighten up the mood. Mehendi decorations can never have enough colors, the more the color ,the more is the vibe of the event. Simple intimate decoration for the bride and groom should be as colorful as their future together. The combination of different color curtains as a backdrop and umbrella creates an amazing setup to make it a gala event.

Traditional mehendi ceremony

A Mehendi Decoration which is traditional and gives instant shaadi vibes. The beautiful arrangement for mehndi is with marigolds and rajanigandha. the backdrop is done with leaves and carnations . The setup is completed with a sitting arrangement glad in white cloth for the bride and groom. The marigold makes everything festive and adds a traditional touch to every occasion. Different shades of marigold arranged together to make the event brighter.

DIY Mehndi Decorations at Home

A simple mehndi ceremony for your intimate affair is all you required and marigold flowers adds undeniably the festive vibes. The gotta patti tassels is adding traditional and pompom is making it look vibrant on the cloth backdrop. The golden strings added are uplifting the decoration, a sitting arrangement provided along with cushions to make your mehendi more comfortable. A complete mehendi setup for home with the right props, from umbrella to beautiful tassels or be it dreamcatchers, everything from simple to quirky beautiful designs to make your mehendi memorable. All the little details with romantic engagement ring platter adds that extra festive vibes to your pre wedding functions.

In conclusion, we have covered all your mehendi decoration needs . The ceremony has become a symbol of grandeur, fun and festivities, and excuse for some major pre-wedding girl bonding. Make it extra special with us. We have a wide variety of decoration ideas for all your celebrations too.

For more such amazing pre wedding function decoration ideas beside mehndi ceremony, follow us for more extraordinary ideas for your occasions.

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