Modern Full Hand Mehndi Design for Bridal Functions – Stylish and Simple

Full hand mehndi design – When someone talks about Mehndi, a wedding or an auspicious festival hits up the mind instantly. Especially in a country like India, Mehndi (Henna) carries a spectacular significance. Be it an engagement, a wedding, or any other special occasion like Raksha Bandhan, Bhai Dooj, Diwali or Holi, applying mehndi is the best of traditions. 

At weddings, not just for brides, in fact, in some parts of India mehndi is a must in the hands of the groom too. Also, mehndi signifies the mark of togetherness and love among the partners who are about to tie that forever-knot. The never-ending craze for mehndi is totally obvious since it adds to the beauty of hands. Moreover, portraying the most amazing kind of bridal mehndi designs for full hands is truly an art. That’s the reason why in this post you will find the one-go list of traditional bridal mehndi designs to try on your wedding.

The Ultimate List of Exquisite Full Hand Mehndi Designs

Before applying any full hand mehndi design, every artist and to be bride prefers to check out a sample design for accomplishing the goals of precision. Thus, here is the ultimate list of exquisite mehndi designs that you can surely choose on special occasions, festive occasions, weddings, or so on. Without wasting any further time just go through the list of incredible bridal henna designs.

Traditional design

No matter, how many mehndi designs come or go, traditional full hand mehndi design is going to stay forever. The huge paisley, distinctive details, cutest leaves, and terrific patterns make it the perfect fit for every bride or even for the groom. That’s the reason why the majority of brides love to be wedding-ready with traditional mehndi designs.

The pattern of this design follows a double outline on each and every flower, stroke, motifs, dots, and so on. Also, it goes up with the domination of beautiful manuals (dome-shaped patterns) all over the hand or feet. If you are totally confused and unable to find a balanced mehndi design to complement your wedding look, think no further and simply choose traditional bridal mehndi.

Dome shaped design

Up next, dome-shaped mehndi is yet another favorite mehndi for most of the brides. The criss-cross pattern and dome-shaped flowers or boundaries highlight the indeed grace of this bridal mehndi.

 In the mid-portion, it takes the least of patterns, while on the bottom-hand side, it remains full with flowers, thin layers, vast leaves, peacock heads, and more. Besides, brides, even artist adores this design a lot since it’s a quick one and gives a perfect look after completion.

Dark silhouette design

In the row of wonderful designs, the dark silhouette design completely stands out because of the thick patterns and aesthetic lines. This design drops the best layers on the mid of the palm while at the edges it follows uniform patterns. It involves fewer details and more patterns which makes it a quick and perfect option for a easy and stylish full hand mehndi design

However, most artists prefer to experiment with a silhouette design to give it a more artistic touch. The most impossible thing about this design is that it implies a different design on one finger only while on the other four fingers the pattern remains the same. That’s how this design knows how to win the heart of every bride.

Symmetrical designs – arabic mehndi designs for full hands

There is no sign of doubt that a symmetrical wedding mehndi tops the chart of the best modern henna designs. Yes, likewise the name signifies it embarks the interesting patterns while the bottom details mostly wind up with flowers and leaves. This simple full hand mehndi design gives the look of a doubled-textured design. Additionally, it consumes the least possible time whenever it comes to application.

Even after compiling with the symmetric patterns it covers the whole hand area and leaves a wow appearance. On the grounds of neatness, symmetrical mehndi is a 10 on 10 option.

Consequently, if you are seeking an innovative mehndi design that goes right with the recent trends and stylish full hand mehndi design is your ultimate best friend. 

Fusion design

If you can’t decide that you should choose a contemporary or a traditional wedding mehndi design, a fusion mehndi will surely amaze you. Filled with marvelous motifs and clean details, fusion mehndi covers the whole hand while giving you the touch of symmetrical mehndi. Furthermore, these beautiful mehndi designs are the best alternative to pick for both hands & feet. 

However, the peculiar portrayal of fusion mehndi designs requires a lot of patience and perfection, but it’s genuinely worth all the effort. All in all, fusion mehndi is one of the most popular mehndi options of the present times and most of the brides are totally loving it. Hence, you can definitely move up with this design for the much-awaited wedding day.

Devanagri Font Mehndi

Pioneering the edge of Indian traditional mehndi, Devanagri Font Mehndi is the class apart. You must be getting the right hints from the name itself that this mehndi takes into application the fonts of Devnagri hindi. Especially, in the rural parts of India, this back & front side full hand bridal mehndi is extremely famous.

 For making it a little more impressive the artist puts up the floral designs and laced patterns too. The most sacred ritual of choosing Devanagri mehndi relates directly with the love while craving the name of the groom/ bride somewhere in the mid of the palm.

Krishna Radha Peacock design for Full hand Bridal Mehndi

Needless to say that in the list of full hand wedding mehndi designs Radha and Krishna mehndi is considered to be the most pious since it connects with the mythological front. Yes, holding the portraits of Indian Lord Krishna and Radha, this design heavenly demonstrates the endless love between the bride and the groom. Comprising identical designs in both hands, the mentioned designs emphasize all the details amazingly.

Hands knot design for simple full hand mehndi design

Reconciling the essence of togetherness, this front full hand mehndi design is a lot according to the name. Craving the lovely knot-centric pattern, it’s a wonderful mehndi design idea for a bride as well as the groom.

More than that, to spread the charm of this design, the artists try to portray the patterns with motifs, leaves, dolis, strokes, and much more. Precisely, a Hands Knot design never goes out of trend.

Classic design – For Full Hand Mehndi Design

So, every bride who is searching for a classic and a traditional blend of mehndi design can stop here. Bringing the perfect mix of all of the possible mehndi elements such as motifs, jewels, dot works, knit work or much more, Classic modern full hand mehndi design is the forever love for many brides to be. 

The mentioned design demands the extra stretch of effort, time, and of course the patience. Still, this wedding bridal mehndi leaves no gap in the mids and wholly covers the hands or feet which makes it appear undoubtedly endearing.

Mesh Full Hand Mehndi Design

Covering the upper part of the hand with magnificent patterns is the main signature mark of Mesh design. This mehndi is really popular in Arabic culture since it is considered to be the extended version of Arabic designs that vows the complete hand of the bride. 

Such designs follow peacock motifs at the end for balancing the flow of the design. All in all, Mesh pattern beautiful full hand mehndi is rocking the sphere of spectacular bridal mehndi, and you can go for it with not a single sigh of doubt.

Neatly designed pattern

Can you figure out even a line of the gap in the above-stated image? Not at all, right? Well, that’s that the foundation of this full hand & feet dulhan mehndi design that leaves no room for the poor patterns. 

While lining in all the details so apt, this design carries exquisite finger designs, a trail of leaves, order of floral dots, the precision of paisleys, and much more. In the end, it winds up in a significant linear fashion which acts as the base of the entire mehndi design.

Dulha Dulhan and Ganesha Design

Vibing up the real wonders of an ethnic mehndi design, Dulha Dulhan and Ganesha Design is proof that drawing mehndi is an honest form of art. This design links with a heavy and a light pattern design all through. However, on the parts of fingers, it goes with a new design on a new finger.

But, this design is strictly not made for feet because it implicates the lord Ganesha and Indians possess a strong faith in the religious rituals. The different part of the specified design is it doesn’t hold motifs or knit work. Instead, it portrays the traditional portraits of Lord Ganesha in the mid and Dulha- Dulhan (bride-groom) portraits at the bottom part. That’s why it is called to be the premium dulhan mehndi design for the whole wedding season.

Detailed design

This design lead to an extra-ordinary design which represent every stroke so accurately. It creates a magnificent look. Although this beautiful bridal mehndi design took enough time and forbearance to carry out. But it will be a notability work with the beautiful finishing touch.

Tips for making your Henna Stain Darker

The darker the henna the prettier it looks. Hence, for making your bridal mehndi stain darker here is the best set of tips that you can surely follow:

Use sugar and lemon water

Countless times you might have heard that applying sugar plus lemon water over your henna once it gets dry is a big must. The good news is, using sugar and lemon totally does works for making henna stain darker.

Coconut Oil or Balm

You need to believe your Grandma, balms, and oils are nothing less than magic for darkening the henna shade. Just take a small amount of balm or coconut oil and apply it all over your henna-filled arms to see the results. 

Don’t wash it off

Yes, people say it for a reason. Actually, mehndi loses its natural tone once it gets in connection with soap and water. Therefore, for ensuring the deeper and darker shade of your henna avoid washing it off directly.

Steam is the savior

There is no scope of doubt that heat and henna are the best friends. That’s the reason why taking steam in the gap of 30 seconds and performing this process for atleast 15 minutes genuinely improves the shade of henna. 

The blend of tea and coffee

Here comes yet another not so popular way to darken the stain of henna. You see, the procedure is quite easy, just take water in a container add one tablespoon coffee and one tablespoon tea and you are done. Now, apply it over your dried henna and wait for the special after effects.

The 12 hours rule

No, there’s no such rule, you must be thinking the same but if you wish to get that appealing darker stain of henna then always remember to leave it unwashed on your arms for atleast 12 hours. That’s why the nighttime is considered best for the portrayal of mehndi so that you can find enough time to let it try nicely.

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Easy Full Hand Bridal Mehndi Video For Dulhan

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