1st Birthday Decoration ideas for Baby Girl

Grand Celebration ideas for Baby Girl on her First Birthday

First Birthday is always special to cherish. If your baby girl is going to turn one and you are planning to make her birthday a grand celebration, then you have come to the right place. As it’s the first birthday for baby girl you want everything picture perfect from decoration to food. Decorating your baby girl’s first birthday party is a fun but it can be a hassle and difficult job. That’s why we are here to guide you to plan a cute, premium yet budget friendly Birthday Decoration theme party for your girl. Go throw the following Birthday themes for girls and choose the best one that suits your budget and liking.

First Birthday Decoration Ideas for Baby Girls

Minnie Mouse Theme Birthday Decoration for Baby Girl

Little girls love a pretty pink sweet Minnie Mouse. Include this cute cartoon character in your decoration to make a perfect Minnie Mouse Birthday Decoration for girls. A pink balloon decoration and Minnie Mouse cut out is sure to please your little Minnie. This is a very popular Birthday Decoration ideas for Girls. You can make it happen using a ring balloon decoration, bow foils, golden frill curtains and of course a Happy Birthday foil or banner for the backdrop. To make your Minnie Mouse theme decoration a success you can also style your girl with pink-colored polka dot skirt with a black top for a perfect dress. Add pretty cake tables for Minnie Mouse cake too.

Minnie Mouse Theme  Balloon Decoration

Unicorn Theme Birthday Decoration for Baby Girl

What’s there not to love in a cute unicorn? Full of colours and and an unique yet lovable theme for every little girls. You can go for Unicorn Theme decoration with lots of balloons for this theme. Use pastel colours latex balloons and Happy Birthday neon light on the backdrop. If you want to go extra for birthday decoration for girls you can add unicorn foil, butterfly stickers on the ring and make a balloon pillar also. Not to mention that an delicious Unicorn birthday cake has to be added to go along with the theme. You might use pink, purple, peach, pink, violet colours that coordinate with your child’s outfit to adorn the birthday decoration.

Unicorn theme balloon decoration

Princess Theme Decoration For Girls

A princess theme is a very common one for First Birthday Decoration ideas for girls. and you can never go wrong with this one. To make this princess theme birthday decoration all you need is simple balloon decoration and princess cut outs. Obviously you can go extra and make balloon arch using pink, violet, white balloons and princess foils. Definitely you can glam up the Birthday balloon decoration using number foil, frill curtains, frill ribbons also. Barbie theme cake is very popular and trending nowadays so do not forget to add a doll cake as the showstopper.

Princess Theme Decoration For Girls

Butterfly Theme Balloon Decoration

Plan a beautiful butterfly theme balloon decoration with us for the first birthday decoration for girls. As butterfly symbolizes full of colours and liveliness it will be a perfect theme for birthday decoration. Customized backdrop will be great idea to consider where you can add your baby’s name or baby’s photo for photo backdrop. Add balloon decoration, butterfly theme cake, butterfly stickers also for butterfly theme birthday decoration. There is no particular balloon colours that you can add in this party but choosing pink, blue, pastels colours will look beautiful with butterfly theme birthday.

Butterfly Theme Balloon Decoration

Frozen Theme Birthday Decoration for Baby Girl

If your little girl is a frozen fan then this theme will be perfect for first birthday decoration for baby girls. For Frozen Theme decoration you can go for blue, white, and chrome balloons to make stage balloon decoration. Chrome balloons and helium balloons can also level up your decoration. As frozen theme Birthday Decoration is all about blue and white colours you can use snow cut outs, blue frill curtains to make the decoration. Do not forget a Frozen theme backdrop as it will look great in the pictures. To make this theme decoration picture perfect use Frozen cake and frozen dress for your little one.

Frozen Theme balloon  Decoration for Birthday Girl

Mermaid Theme Birthday Decoration for Baby Girl

Planning a underwater theme or mermaid theme? Try using blue, green, silver, violet balloons for this décor and make a stage balloon decoration. A underwater theme backdrop and mermaid cut out will be also great for this decoration. Go for fish foil, star foil, seashell foil to go with the mermaid theme birthday decoration. You can also customize your baby girl’s name with LED lights letters and put it in front of the mermaid theme backdrop. Apart from decoration a mother daughter mermaid dress and mermaid theme cake will be perfect for this theme.

Mermaid Theme Birthday Decoration

Cocomelon Theme for Kids

Though Cocomelon theme for Birthday is new to the decoration theme but it is one of the most demanding one now. Choose this Cocomelon theme for First Birthday Decoration Ideas for Baby Girls. This cartoon theme can be done using a ring balloon decoration, neon happy birthday lights, and Cocomelon foil. Mossiac age number filled with balloons, butterfly stickers on ring and confetti balloons will be perfect for Cocomelon theme decoration. Do not forget to add a cake table as a Cocomelon cake has to be added to make this decoration perfect for your little girl.

Cocomelon Theme for Kids

1st Birthday Balloon Decoration for Girls

As it’s your Baby’s first birthday go a little extra with balloon decoration. It does not matter if it’s boy or girl for her 1st birthday decoration make a stage balloon decoration and add Baby box filled with balloons, age foil, customized LED letters, name foil for the Birthday Decoration. Pillar balloons decoration with cartoon cutouts, or foils can totally glam up the party. You can order these party elements on your local store or you can buy online also.

1st Birthday Balloon Décor for Girls

We hope now you can plan and decorate the first Birthday decoration for Baby Girl successful without any confusion. In brief you can go for any theme decoration for kids. If you need any extra help or want to book balloon birthday decoration with us you can definitely check our website 7eventzz.com. Furthermore we have the best birthday decoration for every budget and liking of our lovely customers.

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