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Birthday Party Theme Decoration ideas for your little Baby Boy

Birthday’s are always special, specially when it’s the first birthday of your baby. Choosing the right birthday theme sometimes becomes difficult for the parents, so we are sharing some dedicated birthday party theme ideas for baby boy.

Always keep in mind that the birthday theme should represent the nature and favorite cartoon character of your baby boy. Now a days kids love to watch cartoon on Youtube and other mobile apps so always prefer the theme which your kid likes the most amongst all.

Here are the Top Birthday theme party decoration ideas for baby boy –

1. Jungle Theme Birthday Decoration ideas

Jungle theme is quite popular amongst kids, not from now but among decades as kids love to watch animals and also they can relate themselves with the animals they like. All famous cartoons like Mowgli, Simba, Lion King and other cartoon characters are very popular. Jungle Theme Birthday party decorations can be done at grand level and also in a simple way at our home. Jungle theme party will only require few Green and yellow balloons, some animal foil balloons and animal cutouts to give perfect jungle vibes.

2. Minion Theme Party

Minion theme decoration for birthday party is trending for kids who love to watch Hollywood movies. Minions are cute monster just like our kids so if you want to make a relatable and happy birthday theme you can go minion theme party. Preferred colors for a minion theme party is yellow and blue color balloons and some minion foils which you can easily find in the market or order online from our website.

3. Baby Shark Theme Party

How can we forget the famous cartoon character loved by every kids worldwide, yes we are talking about “baby shark“. If your Kid loves to sing the famous baby shark song every day morning then, this the perfect theme. Baby shark theme decoration, can be booked on our website or you can also decorate it yourself. Baby shark decoration for Birthday Party, can be done with Blue metallic balloons and baby shark balloon foils.

4. Cocomelon Theme Decoration for Birthday

Birthday Party Theme ideas for Baby Boy can’t be completed without mentioning the most famous youtube cartoon character cocomelon. The cartoon is famous among all the toddlers and babies around the world. You can choose Cocomelon theme birthday party decoration for baby boy if your kids loves to watch the cartoon on the youtube. People usually prefer to decorate the stage with balloons and cocomelon cut out for a cocomelon themed party.

5. Boss Baby Themed Party for Baby Boy

One the most loved Disney character and not for kids but also adults like to watch baby boss movies. Boss baby theme is one of the most booked birthday decoration packages on our website. Kids just love to watch the Boss Baby Movies and cartoons as they can relate with the character. Boss baby theme birthday decoration can be done easily with the help of some balloons and boss baby cutouts. we really hope you like this Birthday party theme ideas for Baby Boy.

6. Cars theme birthday decoration

Now we come to next theme, the most famous car theme birthday not only the kids but adults also love Cars. Car theme Birthday Decorations is famous among age group of 2-5 years old kids. If your baby love to play with cars and like to watch Car shows, then we can definitely recommend a car theme birthday party decorations for your baby boy.

7. Cricket Theme Decoration for birthday party

Cricket is the most played game in India and it is very much popular because of IPL. Kids and adults just love cricket and if you want to surprise your kids with his favorite sport then you can definitely try cricket theme decorations for your baby boy birthday party. If your kids loves virat kohli and rohit sharma’s batting and try to imitate this at home you can go for a cricket theme birthday party.

8. Football Themed Birthday Party

Football is the game which is played all around the world. We would also like to inform you that the Football theme birthday decoration are most searched birthday party ideas for baby boy, we can order football theme balloons on amazon or flipkart. you can also book your favorite theme birthday decorations in our website. If you want to look more creative then use cut outs of famous football players like Ronaldo and Messi.

9. Avenger Theme Decoration for Baby Boy

If your baby likes to watch superhero movies and love characters like Thor, ironman and Hulk then you can definitely plan a Avengers theme birthday party. Also keep in mind the cake should also be an Avenger theme cake because along with the avenger theme party decors kids will also have an eye the beautiful cake. Avengers and super hero theme birthday decoration package on our website starts with just Rs 1500.

10. Motu Patlu Theme Birthday decoration

Coming to Indian cartoon characters Motu Patlu Birthday theme is the most preferred choice among parents for Birthday party theme. Motu patlu cartoon characters are among those cartoon which kids and small babies can watch for hours. if your baby is a motu patlu lover than you can plan a Motu patlu themed party decoration for you baby boy 1st First or any later birthdays.

11. Peppa Pig Party Ideas

Peppa Pig cartoon is based on a pig family and this is one of the most loved cartoon characters. We can do Peppa pig theme birthday decoration with peppa pig foil balloons and peppa pig cutouts which are easily available in the market. We have some brilliant stage decoration with balloons for peppa pig theme party on our website. Choosing peppa pig balloon decoration for kids is easy as all characters are very relatable and funny.

12. Mickey Theme Party Ideas

Well who don’t know about our best childhood cartoon character mickey and his friends, it’s been almost 80 years and the craze of mickey theme birthday parties is still the same. Mickey character cartoon foils are easily available in the market and decorating for your kids birthday party with mickey balloons is one of the best birthday celebration ideas. You can go for a grand Mickey theme stage decoration or a simple balloon decoration at home, it all depends upon your budget.

13. Space Theme Party Ideas

Space Theme generally includes space exploration and solar systems. This Decoration adds a unique character to a Birthday Party. However Space Theme Birthday Decorations are filled with different colors like white for the moon and star, Blue and Black for the sky. That captures the essence of outer space or refer to the Galaxy. We can do this theme Decoration with Galaxy Foil and customized Flex which are easily available in the market. If your Baby is a big fan of rocket galaxy than this decoration is Perfect for them. We have from simple Home Decoration to stage Decoration for Space Theme Decoration, totally depends on your budget.

14. Spiderman Theme Party Ideas

Who doesn’t love Spiderman. It doesn’t matter if you’re a kid or an adult Spiderman is the favorite hero of every child. Which little one hasn’t fantasized about being a superhero? If your child is one of them who love superheroes and is a big fan of Spiderman than what are you waiting for. A perfect Spiderman Birthday Decoration for a Perfect Boy. This Theme usually comes with a Spiderman foil, masks etc. But if you are going for a grand celebration than your child deserve a grand Decoration of Spiderman Theme. Maybe a customized flex, cut out, instead of Spiderman face your Baby face etc. Book Spiderman Theme according to your budget from our website.

15. Dinosaur Theme Party Ideas

Dinosaur are really cool. These are the extinct animals but from the day their cartoons and animated movies had been release, they are child favorite. It’s no secret that kid’s love dinosaurs. They are been adored and loved by every kid. If your child’s favorite cartoon is Dinosaur than this theme will perfectly go for their Birthday Surprise. This Dinosaur Birthday Decoration Package will include Different types of Dinosaur foil from small to Big Dino and different colors as well. Wanna go for a Stage Decoration head to our website your will find Packages according to your budget.

At the End

We would like to conclude that the theme should be such which is more relatable to your baby. These are some cool Birthday Party Theme ideas for Baby Boy Birthday celebration. Hope we could deliver you the best ideas. How to celebrate baby boy birthday party with the perfect birthday theme.

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