Best Wedding Planner in Kolkata for Event Management

Wedding planning can be a nightmare for any couple, and can take away all the fun of getting married to you loved ones. We can totally agree on that. Especially getting married in Kolkata which is the epitome of rich culture and traditions. From selecting venue to decorators, catering service, car arrangements planning all of this by yourself is a herculean task. In Kolkata you will find zillion options of wedding planner in Kolkata but you always want the best for your wedding Right? Each and every Wedding decorations and rituals that makes your dream wedding come to life has to be cherry-picked with extra precision. Hence we are here to assist you to choose the best wedding planner in Kolkata and make your dream wedding into reality.

Wedding Planner in Kolkata

Best Wedding Planner in Kolkata is one of the best and fastest growing decoration company in India. With the best resourceful services and profession touch is capable to gift you one of the best wedding experience. In other words the best wedding planners in India will make your wedding planning feel like a breeze with our best facilities and unique decorations. We will take care of all your needs way before your wedding date and you will get everything picture perfect ready. So that you don’t have to worry about anything other than enjoying your best day of life. As we are the event planner by profession our decorations will always stand out from other ordinary decoration work. Our professional team uses most beautiful, alluring and appealing decoration elements that will swoon your feet away.

Best Wedding Planner in Kolkata

Low Cost Wedding Planner

You must be thinking that to hire a wedding planner near me will put a hole on your pocket. Most of us assume that Event planners are expensive and it will be an extra expenditure in our wedding planning cost. But let me tell you its all a myth. You can also have a ‘posh’ wedding without worrying about your wedding budget only with Even though you are looking for low cost wedding planner in Kolkata you don’t want to compromise on your dream wedding right? Then look no further than because here you will have the best wedding Planning ideas of your life under budget. Because our wedding planning package starts from only Rs 2999 onwards! Crazy right? Go check our website for more details and book the wedding planner in India,

 low cost wedding planner

Haldi Decoration

In Indian wedding Haldi ceremony has not only a huge cultural significance but is immensely entertaining pre wedding custom also. So, specially for Haldi ceremony has a plethora of Haldi Backdrop decoration service available at our website and book your Haldi Decoration from the best event planner in Kolkata. We cover Haldi theme decoration with colorful fabrics, backdrops, fairy lights, cushions and even provide sitting tables also. For example in marigold Haldi theme decoration we will cover the entire background with fake grass backdrop and it will be covered by marigold flowers. Most of our clients prefer yellow, white and bright pinks theme colors for Haldi function and we try to stick to the colors palette by adding fresh and artificial flowers. We also provide fresh flowers and plants to give your Haldi backdrop ideas an aesthetic yet traditional look.

Event planner near me

Mehndi Decoration

After Haldi decoration comes the most fun and entertaining event Mehndi function. If you book a wedding planner they will cover all your functions and charge accordingly. But in you can book for the entire wedding decoration or for individual functions also. For example if you check our website you will see we have Haldi mehndi Backdrop decoration package and individual mehndi decoration also. Even in low cost Mehendi Decoration we add cute items such as decorative umbrella, tassels, terrariums, dreamcatchers, glass bottles into our mehndi decoration ideas. These items immediately add splash of colors into your surroundings. Most importantly we add lots of colorful curtains and fairy lights in sitting lounges, table settings, on the backdrops too. If you are planning to book wedding planner you must check our website and go through all the Mehendi decoration at Home option to select the right fit for you.

Wedding planner near me

Wedding Car Decoration

In we offer wedding car decoration services also. Our wedding car decoration service starts from 2999 onwards. As the best wedding planner in Kolkata we decorate wedding cars with flower heart decoration, using frills, ribbons and mesh detailing. Even though our starting price is only 2999 we use only fresh flowers for decoration. We add fresh roses, gerbera, and fresh leaves to deck up your car. Of course we understand that you can buy flowers from the market and decorate your car all by your own. But will you have that time and patience do all of this on your wedding day? Definitely no right? So, give all your responsibilities to the best wedding planner in Kolkata, 7eventzz and just relax and have fun on your special day.

Wedding Car Decoration

How to Find the Best Wedding Planner in Kolkata

If you are a Kolkata resident you will get 1000 of event planner if you search event planner near me. So, you should hire the event planner best suited for you. For that you have to search event planner near me, and lots of wedding planners name will appear. From that list choose 7eventzz the best wedding planner in Kolkata and go to our website. You will find all the information regarding wedding planning. From Haldi to Mehndi and wedding car decoration we cover it all. So, choose your preferable function and book according to your budget and requirement.


On your wedding day everybody wishes to enjoy their fullest, laugh, sing, dance, spend time with their families. But if you have other responsibilities like planning the whole wedding by all yourself you will never gonna enjoy this special day of your life. So, why not let us take this responsibility for you while you enjoy your wedding day with your lifetime partner and other family members? Check our website 7eventzz and book your wedding day with the best wedding planners in Kolkata.

What is the starting price of the wedding planners in Kolkata?

The starting price of Wedding planner in Kolkata starts from Rs 2999 onwards only. We have multiple wedding packages of different price ranges. You can book your package according your likings.

Who is the best wedding planner in Kolkata?

There are thousands of wedding planners available in Kolkata. But according to the professional decoration and budget is one of the best wedding planners in Kolkata. Our clients loved working with us and so do we!

When to contact event planners?

Generally Event Planners start taking bookings at least 6months prior to the wedding. But in we have different decoration team for weddings. So, we start taking bookings 2 months before the wedding date.

How to contact for wedding planning?

If you wish to book your special day with us, you can contact us on 7450960060 or you can visit our website and book from our website also.

What is the trending theme for wedding nowadays?

Nowadays floral themes, boho themes, royal wedding themes are trending everywhere. Even celebrities are going for floral themes for their wedding day. You can book these wedding themes from our website on a budget friendly option.

Do we have to provide decorators or other decoration supplies?

No, in we have our own decoration teams. We bear our travel expenses by our own also. For decoration arrangements, our team will bring all their necessary items i.e. flowers, balloon etc. Our clients will have nothing to worry about that as well.

Do you also provide flower delivery in Kolkata?

Yes if you are looking for same day flower delivery in Kolkata then we can deliver all types of Fresh cut flowers.

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