candle light dinner in Hyderabad

Best Candle Light Dinner in Hyderabad for Couples

Top 10 Best Candle Light Dinner in Hyderabad

Looking to celebrate birthday or anniversary with romantic candle light dinner in Hyderabad. Here are Top 10 places where you can take your partner and surprised them with a perfect decoration and an outstanding ambience.

A romantic date is more about implementing your own ideas or planning a romantic dinner for your partner in the most modest yet heartfelt way possible. A well-planned, well-executed private candlelight dinner in Hyderabad will undoubtedly help you win over your partner in more ways than one. A date is more about having fun, tuning in, bonding, and giving your spouse the most romantic experience they’ve ever had.

Book our Romantic candlelight in Gachibowli with one of the trending concept which you have never seen before with most delicious food ever in Hyderabad at budget friendly price. What better way to do so through planning a romantic candle light dinner date! Some may say that it is too ‘old school’, but isn’t romanticizing old school ideas? Aren’t surprises and taking your partner by astonishment worthy enough to see their smiling faces? Here is the best candle light dinner in Hyderabad idea only for you so that you can schedule and make an evening special for your Better Half. Book now.

1) Floral Setup Candle Light Dinner in Hyderabad

Step into a world of romance amidst the fragrant embrace of nature’s beauty. Our Floral setup candlelight dinner in Hyderabad offers a mesmerizing experience, where you and your partner will be surrounded by an enchanting arrangement of blossoms. Soft candlelight illuminates the scene, casting a warm and intimate glow that perfectly complements the vibrant colors of the flowers. As you indulge in delectable cuisine, the aroma of the blooms enhances the sensory delight, making this an evening to remember.

Enjoy your romantic candle light dinner in Hyderabad. Don’t miss the chance to impress your partner and to show them how much you care and love them just to see that smile on their face with Dinner Date in Hyderabad for your wife or for your Girlfriend to spend some quality time together.

Location– Sainikpuri, Hyderabad
Cost for two– RS. 6999 (approx.) with alcohol
Phone no– 7450960060

Floral Setup Candle Light Dinner in Hyderabad

Book This Beautiful Place with Decorations and Food Starting at Just Rs 6999

2)Open Air Candle Light Dinner

Under the canopy of the star-studded sky, enjoy an Open-air candle light dinner in Hyderabad that blends nature’s grandeur with culinary excellence. The gentle breeze carries whispers of romance as flickering candles create an atmosphere of intimacy and elegance. This unique setting provides a picturesque backdrop as you savor each bite, and the twinkling stars above seem to celebrate your love, making this dinner an unforgettable rendezvous.

Location – Gachibowli, Hyderabad
Cost for two– RS. 6,500 (approx.) with alcohol
Phone no7450960060

Open Air Candle Light Dinner

3) Indoor Candle Light Dinner for Couple:

Experience a classic Indoor candle light dinner in Hyderabad finest setting. The soft glow of carefully placed candles casts gentle shadows, creating an ambiance that exudes refinement and intimacy. The tastefully designed interior provides a cozy haven where you and your partner can relish exquisite flavors while engaging in meaningful conversations, making this indoor candlelight dinner an epitome of timeless romance.

Location– Gachibowli, Hyderabad
Cost for two– RS.7500 (approx.) with alcohol
Phone no7450960060

Indoor Candle Light Dinner for Couple
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4) Dome Candle Light Dinner in Hyderabad

Immerse yourselves in an enchanting world within the embrace of a Dome candle light dinner in Hyderabad. The elegant curvature of the dome creates a sense of exclusivity and magic as soft candlelight dances on its surfaces. With an intimate table for two, you’ll relish gourmet cuisine under this captivating architectural marvel. The dome shelters you from the outside world, ensuring that your focus remains solely on each other and the delightful experience you’re sharing.

Location – Gachibowli, Hyderabad
Cost for two– RS.5,500 (approx.)
Phone no7450960060

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5)Roof Top Candle Light Dinner

Elevate your dining experience to new heights with a Rooftop candle light dinner in Hyderabad. As the city’s lights twinkle below, you and your partner will be enveloped in an atmosphere of sophistication and romance. The panoramic view from the rooftop venue provides a breathtaking backdrop for your culinary journey, enhanced by the warm glow of candles. This elevated setting sets the stage for a memorable evening filled with captivating sights and delightful flavors.

Location – Gachibowli, Hyderabad
Cost for two– RS.20,000 (approx.)
Phone no7450960060

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6) Movie Screening Date in Hyderabad

Elevate your date night with a unique twist by indulging in a movie screening in Hyderabad. Set in a comfortable and stylish environment, this cinematic experience offers a blend of entertainment and togetherness. With a curated selection of films, you and your partner can enjoy a cozy evening, sharing laughs, gasps, and tender moments as the silver screen becomes the backdrop to your memorable time together.

Location – Hyderabad, Telangana
Cost for two– RS.14,000 (approx.) with alcohol
Phone no7450960060

Movie Screening Date in Hyderabad

7) Private Movie Date in Hyderabad for Couple

For an intimate and personalized movie experience, treat your partner to a Private Movie Date in Hyderabad. A cozy setting awaits, complete with plush seating and a high-quality projection system. Whether you choose a romantic classic or a favorite film, the privacy of the space allows you both to relax and enjoy each other’s company, making this date night a delightful fusion of cinema and companionship.

Location– Hyderabad, Telangana
Cost for two– RS.15, 000 (approx.)
Phone no7450960060

Private Movie Date in Hyderabad for Couple
candlel light dinner in hyderabad

8) Little Italy- Candle Light Dinner Decoration

This Italian restaurant is at Jubilee Hills is one of the finest vegetarian restaurants in Hyderabad for Candle light Dinner. However,

Above all, As the name suggest this place offers an array of authentic Italian and Mexican Delicacies. The elegant designs, spacious seating arrangements, spacious interiors with a styling furniture and decoration make this place a perfect venue for candle light dinner. It is known for its Amazing view, Amazing Staff, Vegetarian Restaurant and Live Music. Lasagna, Ricotta, Pasta and Pizza are some of the popular items from their menu.

Location– Honda Showroom, 3rd Floor, B.K. Towers, above Hero, HITEC City, Hyderabad, Telangana 500081
Cost for two– RS. 1800 (approx.)
Phone no– 040 3999 9500

Little Italy Hyderabad

9) Over the Moon- Rooftop Candle Light Dinner

Over the Moon is the Hyderabad rooftop candle light dinner restaurant that has set the benchmark for romantic restaurant in Hyderabad. It is rare to find a DJ Lounge that features an award winning cuisine. Over the Moon is about the open space, the lounge over here gives an earthly environment where your senses are one with the elements of the universe. Their ventures offers an elegant yet simple dishes and an extensive wine list within the open air spaces that have stunning views. Above all it has a wide menu covering the Asian, Continental, Chinese, Mediterranean and Italian Cuisines.

Location– 8th Floor, Daspalla Hotel, Road No. 37, Jubilee Hills, beside Bajaj Electronics, Hyderabad, Telangana 500081
Cost for two– RS.1900 (approx.) with alcohol
Phone no– 070326 86862


10) The Waterfront- Romantic Candle Light Dinner

The Waterfront, is the poolside candle light dinner restaurant in Hyderabad as the name suggest this restaurant has one of the best view of Hussain Sagar Lake. A fine dining Restaurant with the breathtaking location and this place is known for its Amazing view, Romantic Place, Amazing Place and Music. After that, It has different varieties of cuisines Sea food, North Indian, Chinese and Thai. The perfect venue for Romantic candle light dinner under the sky with your partner with the lake in front.

Location– 6-3-1240/225/23, Necklace Road, Raj Nagar, beside Eat Street, Hyderabad, Telangana 500004
Cost for two– RS.1200 (approx.) with alcohol
Phone no– 040 2330 8899


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