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10 Ways to Make Your 1st Anniversary Awesome

First Anniversary is like the reminder that you two made it together till a year. Jokes apart, anniversaries are important to celebrate together because one day that date will remind your children of “How I Met Your Mother”. The series isn’t just created without a base, sometimes it’s based on real life. There will be many anniversaries celebrated together but the 1st anniversary is always a memorable one! So how will you make your 1st Anniversary Celebration Awesome? Here are a few things to make that happen!

Go Back to the Timeline of how I Met your Mother

1. Go Back to the Timeline of how I Met your Mother

We spoke about this in the introduction, so why just tell stories? When you can be there and see things differently. To go back to the place where you first met, talk about the clothes you were wearing, and laugh out loud about things you found funny about each other. Remember “The Vow” movie, wherein the wife forgets her husband due to a tragic accident. In the end, they end up crossing paths near the same Café Mnemonic where they first met. So yeah, the same old things can be new, can be memories of you, and a lovely evening to make your Anniversary Awesome, blossom!

Travel Together

2. Travel Together

Sometimes all you need is a break from the virtual world and head towards nature! Visit places like Igatpuri which is known for its greenery and best for the monsoon season to make your 1st Anniversary Celebration awesome! Sightseeing places like Vihigaon Waterfall, Kasara Ghat, Camel Valley, and more. 

For winters, you can visit places like Lavasa, the city in Pune is known for its cleanliness, best place for photography (anniversary images check), Marathi cuisine, colourful buildings, watersports, and more! Less crowded as compared to other hill stations like Matheran. So, if traveling is your mantra, find an escape to hill stations with cold and warm hugs! 

Couple that Plays Together, Stay Together

3. Couple that Plays Together, Stay Together

What makes a power couple? The one who plays together! In ‘The Bold Type’ series, the couple plays a sport every week to make their relationship work. In the series the couple plays tennis together, why don’t you pick a sport to make it a fun first anniversary? Your husband might be playing golf with his friends, just like Harry does from shin chan. Why don’t you play along? See what’s fun and chill in games!
If you are a couple who needs a thrill in their life’s “Kyon Ki Daar ke Aage Jeet Hai?”. Let this be your Anniversary Quote to try thrilling Watersports and Airsports! One can try Scuba diving, Rafting, and Paragliding as couples! For the romantics, you can go ballooning or on Helicopter Rides, make it like a surprise plan for your bae. It will turn out to be the best anniversary gift!

Overnight Star Gazing Sessions

4. Overnight Star Gazing Sessions 

Some event organizers plan an overnight stargazing session. How romantic it would be to just sleep under the starlights talking about how perfect the night is on the soft bed sheets, comfort food, and

Starlight’s as the only light. It will be like the anniversary wishes come true. So, you will go all Bollywood with “Taare Gin, Taare Gin. Soye Bin Saare Gin”. (PS: I know you are reading it in that tune).

Make 1st Anniversary Awesome at Home

5. Celebrate 1st Anniversary Awesome at Home

1.Anniversary Cake Design

The Anniversary cakes are mostly red velvet with roses and heart-shaped. It can also be about the reminder that you made it! 365 days together. So the cake should be quoted as “We Still Do”. And lastly, the literal cake of “You mean the world to me”.

2.Anniversary Decoration

Sometimes just with the basic decorative things like ribbons, balloons, lights, etc you can make it a romantic anniversary decoration for the 1st anniversary. But if you are looking for professional help, you can contact us for anniversary decoration.

Candle Light Dinner

6. Candle Light Dinner

Remember the candlelight dinner Chandler and Monica had when she proposed to him to marry her! Plan a candlelight dinner, something like that he/ she will go, “ooh, I’m blinded by the lights”. It should start with flowers marching their way to the table, decorated with Flowers Bouquet, fine wine, and just you two having your perfect meal with never-ending conversation.

Concert it is!

7. Concert it is!

The First Anniversary of your partner’s favorite concert is itself a 1st-anniversary celebration gift. The singer will be playing your favorite song which will be remembered as “the one with the anniversary song”. Yes, Friends is my favorite series! Jokes apart, the concert idea is lively, fun, dancing till your feet hurts, singing till your throat sores, happy eyes, happy minds, and happy together.

Goa vale beach pe!

8. Goa vale beach pe!

It’s not why Goa but of course Goa! If you are looking to spend time on the beach, Goa it is! Why would a singer make a song about it? It’s all about walking up to the lazy coconut tree which is slouching through the sunset. May be if not this, then planning a candle light dinner on the beach with an asile made of flower petals and your partner waiting near the table with a chart which says, “I still Do”. Yeah that’s the kind of beach candle light dinner one should plan on their Anniversary.

F.R.I.E.N.D.S Reunion!

9. F.R.I.E.N.D.S Reunion!

Do you want to get Deja Vu? Plan the anniversary with your old friends. In the friend’s reunion, they said a brutal truth that “Friends (aka friendship) ends when they get married and have a family of their own. The hard-hitting reality that we lost connection with our close ones. So why don’t we celebrate with them? Recreate the old photographs. If you were the college sweethearts who made it through their marriage, celebrating their first Anniversary! How considerate it would be to go back to the place with your pals and have the same old jokes, Nicknames, and lost memories rushing back to the present is the best Anniversary Present!

Trek Together

10. Trek Together

Aren’t we all on a trek to reach the top? In relationships, every couple walks through each step dwindling through the stones. Catching your partner wherever your partner falls, tired, thirsty, hungry you reach at the top to watch a beautiful view. Couples surrounding themselves with blankets warming them through the bonfire listening to the melancholy among one of the guitarists will be the episode of “Remember the one with anniversary song request on Trekking”.

So that’s all about 10 Ways to make your 1st Anniversary celebration Awesome! We spoke about the beach waves, Candle Light Dates, I hope you don’t hate all of the ways. Our business is all about celebration, if you are looking for Cabana Decoration, Car surprises, Candle Light Dinner Décor, etc. You can contact us on 7450960060 or through our website if you are falling short of time! Hope this blog was helpful. Happy Anniversary in Advance!

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